T2 material and time effieciency

In the past some BPO’s of T2 items have dropped. With current setup with some items you can not compete as a new T2 inventor. I really wish they would add a mechanic or skill tree to have the ability to have fully researched T2 bpc’s in this game. Maybe after you invent so many of a particular item you become more efficient and the material or time research increase as you continue to invent or add a whole new skill tree where T2 material or time efficiency could be increased with invention.

Something should be done so you as a new T2 inventor can compete with these people that have the T2 bpo’s. That or wish they would eliminate these bpo’s from the game to make it fare for all. Just really hate you do not have the ability to ever fully research a invented T2 bpc.

T2 invention rate far outstrips T2 BPO production rate as far as I am aware. So simply because of the volume game the majority of T2 BPOs make very little to no difference.

T2 manufacturing is profitable when done in the right way. And that right way usually means creating all mats from scratch instead of sourcing Jita sell orders.

Even if you source from jita buy orders the t2 mats most of the t2 stuff I’ve done is still pretty profitable

Copying T2 BPO’s is extremely slow, and give little to no profit. Also, as T2 BPO’s for profitable items (drones, ships) are in the hundreds of billions and few and far in between, they really aren’t a source of competition.

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