Request - Re-plan Feature: Meta BPO's

(Lexx Devi) #1

Hello Capsules,

This is what we are asking for.

  1. NO! Meta-BPOs at all, Only T1 for BPOs.
  2. NO! boring Repetition, NO! to Produce T1 to Produce Meta, YES to Alpha Invention.
  3. YES! for Meta component loot, YES! to Meta PVE component drop.

If i remember correctly “Meta Modules” are planed to become built by BPO’s soon. Just as the “Capital Meta Modules” are. I do love the idea that we will be able to produce them.

My concern is that CCP may implement new meta BPOs where as i see Inventing is a better solution and makes inventor a mutch more valued as an occupation and solves the issue mutch more effectively.

*I were speculating on how valuable the new BPOs are for CCP and i only see them as a isk sink. Isk sink is good to balance isk value but i do not se the use to make industry less interesting to execute.

I’d like us player to rally together and improve the game help make inventors more important in turn it may give a boost to datacore value as well.

I apologise as i did not find a topic about this upcoming change or my search terms are just horrible.
Make EvE advanced, still playable.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

I do agree with ya there, going through the process of inventing makes the BPs much more valuable and inventors that much more important to have, and perhaps have the same treatment as T2, a chance to get them, a chance to fail, and you get a BPC out of it. Getting BPOs would most likely overflood the market.

UNLESS, what they plan is, here is a BPO of a, lets say, light missile launcher, if the manufacturer wants he can invest more time and more resources to build the corresponding meta item, and maybe a manufactured part for it too.

Tho in my opinion BPC’s would be better through invention and stuff, I mean, not that meta items are hard to come by, but having BPO’s of them would surely flood the market, and t1 items would sink down to the point of just being a BPO for research to T2

(Nevyn Auscent) #3

The plan is that they will still need components that are only available from drops, so even if they implement BPO’s then you will still need to get the components.
As for T1 items, frankly they already are just research for T2, Meta items are common enough that they are the standard.

Putting Meta onto invention would simply create more alts online gameplay where you need even more invention alts to keep things turning over.

(Lexx Devi) #4

Its a good point Nevyn, as i se it if its implemented like below it is just about the same time but requires some invention skills as well.

Having a BPO requires you to have both T1 BPO & Meta BPO.
1 T1 Production then a Meta Production Run.

I could se a Invented Meta BPC require same minerals + Ratt loot to finish.
1 Invent then 1 Production run to finish the module.

It requires that CCP change direction on the invented BPC dont have a T1 item to produce hence it is mutch easier to print stock, spread for any fleet or ships.

I love the feedback, it gives me more purpose to try to look at this from everyones angle.

(MrAktilos MrAktilos) #5

The Problem I see with this idear of invention is that Meta Modules are supposed to be better than T1 but not overly expensiv (IMO they should cost more than T1 and less than T2) and this invention part imo could screw this balance over. Obviously depending on the chance of Sucess you can balance this but there still is a risk that the Meta module markt would break, that would hit the small guys the most who cant use t2s yet (so alphas). BPOs are just more reliable and if you need a balancing metric you should use the drop rate of the parts required for building them.

Just my 2 Cents tho

(Nevyn Auscent) #6

You realise your idea sidelines T1 more than needing a T1 module as part of the building right?

(Lexx Devi) #7

I do Nevyn, but its just an example how it could look.
Its not as we needed T1 to get Meta modules from rats before.
T1 still play a large fore for T2 production and some for alpha fitts.

MrAktilos, thats an excellent point, extreamly important to get right, hmm.
Damn i missed how skill intensive inventing is, unless CCP gives Alphaclones a big boost on inventing skills it will cut Alpha clones of compleatly from Meta modules.

Your right MrAktilos thank you for making the picture bigger for me.
I whas so hoping to help inventing become a propper & sougthafter eve occupation.

*Some ideas die young, some prevail to pave the roads.

(Cade Windstalker) #8

I disagree OP. Meta modules aren’t T2 and they don’t need to be treated like T2 modules. Also for anything like the current module costs and NPC drop values to be preserved the invention value would need to be pretty tiny which makes this a fairly inherently poor plan.

The plan is to replace Meta modules with a selection of drops similar to salvage that are used to build Meta modules along with either a T1 module or some minerals.

(Amarisen Gream) #9

The production of any meta or above item should require a T1 unit.

You could say instead of invention, you do reverse engineering on the salvage. Which then gives you the BPC and possible parts to be used in the production process.

Production process would be:
Kill rats > get salvage + components > reverse engineer > get BPC > build with T1 + components = meta module. I would do the same for green, blue and purple modules.
A T1 unit should “always” be part of the production.

(Nevyn Auscent) #10

So what cost do you imagine the reverse engineering involving, and what price point do you imagine Meta modules being as a result. Since that says the value of the loot.

(Amarisen Gream) #11

T3 ships are reverse engineered, correct?. As I haven’t messed with developing T3s I can’t say what is totally involved. But i’m pretty sure I laid out a basic build guide for meta stuff. The hope would be that it wouldn’t cost much, just time. Price shouldn’t changed much if at all.

This is all hypothetical, depending on what CCP decides to do. Reverse engineering is just an option vs invention or BPOs.

(Lexx Devi) #12

T3 is even more skill intensive, but skills could be removed for Meta or worked around.

To be honest whatever CCP implements price is going to be a separate issue all together and there are just to many ways to balance the price to sort that after. Extra work but its literally script what you need.

Any issue can with some extra work easily be built around or away from how eve works now.

Im simply suppriced CCP seem to implement a mass of on items that is required to have on hand instead of working it in to a already existing function strengthening it.

(Nevyn Auscent) #13

So you are proposing adding a time sink, that either takes up existing slots or requires new skills be trained for slots, that rewards the builder with nothing at all?
That’s not ok, and will result in a significant increase in price.

(Amarisen Gream) #14

I will also say, invade I haven’t already. I will let CCP tell us what they plan first. Then adapt.

(Cade Windstalker) #15

Because the point is to somewhat decouple the value of these items from drop scarcity which creates weird over and under-supply problems, while still keeping the value in the drops from missions and ratting. What you’re proposing would take the value and move it to invention, or add an extra cost in the form of invention which would result in more expensive Meta modules.

There’s nothing surprising here and no new system, just new drops replacing old module drops.

(Shallanna Yassavi) #16

I could see a meta blueprint as a cheap LP store item, or something to get out of data sites.

(Lukett MyDabb) #17

meta mods should still be allowed to drop even if they go ahead with making blueprints for them available. newbros have to make money somehow, and not everyone wants to highsec mine until they can mission run. (ie, be able to fit some decent non-civy mods without having to shell out for them)

(Nevyn Auscent) #18

The point is that instead of 5000 different meta mods you might get 20 different types of materials that go into making meta mods. This actually makes it easier for the newbro’s to make money relative to the mods, since all the materials will have some value, while not all meta mods do.

(Daichi Yamato) #19

The materials will be far more liquid than meta modules which can be a pita to shift for a good price. Especially outside of jita.

(Cade Windstalker) #20

You seem to have missed some details of this idea.

The idea here is to replace meta module drops with meta module component drops similar to how salvage components drop. So mission value should remain about the same but the supply of various meta modules should be more flexible since they’re now a built commodity instead of a dropped one.

You’d still be adding cost to the production of Meta modules as well as another potential bottleneck. Either the BP ends up being the bottleneck or the loot does, whichever thing isn’t the bottleneck will have its value crash.

Also adding in limited run BPs as drops would defeat half the point of removing meta modules as drops in the first place, except you can’t even sell BPCs on the market only on contracts.