Request - New Feature: Blueprint Portfolio

(Lexx Devi) #1

Back again with a idea to improve eve, this time to keep ontop of Smal to Huge BPO collections.

I have for numerous years been locking cans & managing access to blueprints once for a “Open Corp” that shared “Free to copy BPO list” in highsec/lowsec alot of other times sorting & limiting low/null/wh Corp BPO lists.

At the current time i feel the system is more a bigger issue the larger a BPO/C collection becomes.

I’d like to se any type of Portfolio for Blueprints preferably as a special can or a copy paste of the new plex system or just integrated in to the Industry tab.

The main goal to make it easier to share access to copy someones BPO’s.
I don’t mind if it is easier to steal, just a quick scenario of creating 3 portfolios give access to 3 different teams and go at it.

Real lives Evolves so must EvE.

(Nevyn Auscent) #2

Be interesting to see BPO’s treated more like skins. Once you learn it it gets added to your library without needing to be a physical item any more.
You then wouldn’t be limited to only a single line using the BPO, but you also couldn’t share it directly.
Then you would make BPC’s from it and that’s how you would share it.

Add a corp skill to allow sharing of BPO library to corp if someone allows it, and the corp skill caps the ME/TE of the share (insert fluff lore reason, maybe the ME research is different tricks for everyone, or difficult to copy directly and the corp skill helps). This then has a double impact of making corps much more likely to share BPO’s while not crashing the market since you can’t get quite as perfect, and of giving highsec corps a better reason to exist and work together since you can share BPO’s with lower risk.

Yes it will impact slightly on corp thefts/scams, but most of the value in these is normally in physical assets like rare ships & officer modules etc, and some changes that impact these things will have much higher value than the harm.

(Lexx Devi) #3

I still want the blueprints in a Can/Portfolio so transport loss & theft are just as likely.
Main issue is successfully sharing access & locking down the portfolio.
Its alot more difficult to lock/share now.
I’d say above ~50% of eve can’t wrap their heads around how to.

Nothing is clear unless you know it clearly.


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