"Stackable" Invented,originals,copies Blue Print proposal

So going into this I understand the complexities of this. I was thinking why not create a new data structure that doesn’t care if all the pages are different it could add organizational functionality with tagged partitions (IE. original vs Copies) and other meta data added by the user (Fully researched, Decryptor used). Kind of like a school binder ? Players could add or remove and organize the blue prints to their needs.

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I agree here and have had this discussion with ppl in my alliance a few times. For the amount of lag the pages of copies make it would be easier to make a new bpo system overhaul to save on itemization. Also For being a Science Fiction game; their manufacturing system has no science or fiction in it. Basically you reinvent the same wheel over and over again. It should be called refits with rare resources and they should actually add research… real sciencey fictioney research 4x game style to eve. But instead they will close the old forums with all those great ideas and ride this horse into the sunset. Happy Trails!


This would be an awesome addition to the game, not sure how bad the strain on the devs would be though.

Most of us use small containers to sort our blueprints. It works well for personal use or a small corp where everyone can have their own hangar division. I’ve often thought that giving station containers 1 level of nesting would be a major QoL enhancement for larger corporations - encouraging cooperative industrial gameplay. That said, lack of production is not a problem in Eve and I don’t think the developers need to make it easier.

This, so much this.

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