BPO Organization?

I’m looking for suggestions on how to organize a bpo library. I have a lot of bpos and even more bpcs.

I have them in containers and labeled accordingly.
Its only 300 yet and this works fine for me.
Maybe split them later in like shiptypes, module types etc.
Rigs will be a ■■■■■■■ pain, lemme tell you. Show as text, not pics.

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Small containers labeled by type. I also store the prints I rarely use in a different station (or hangar division). BPOs are comparatively easy to organize, the real fun starts when you get into T2 production and need to organize BPCs for invention and invented T2 BPCs for production!

You can’t nest containers or share between characters so many (perhaps most) serious industrialists have personal ALT corps. Offices give you 7 hangar divisions that can be shared between your own characters or with people you trust. This doesn’t encourage cooperative gameplay. I would like to see an additional layer (i.e. departments) with a shared hangar that would make it easier for small industrial teams to exist within larger player corporations.


An upvote for the additional department layer!

Edit: I have my corp hangars for different activities:

  • 10/20 bpo’s for copy
  • bpo’s for research
  • bpc and materials for invention and manufacturing

I have small containers (+150) in my jita item hangar for bpc for sale.

Must be an easier way to do this.

Lots of small containers, and a couple of industrials to stack archived containers into.

I completely forgot about using my spare freighter for storage. Thanks.

For me whatever it is a bpo for such as ammo goes into the station container for ammo, afterburner/microwarps and related things go into their corresponding group, this way when I’m in which ever can and I am looking through it looking for an item if I notice something low I can put it in the oven.

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@op : I use small cans in a “industry” corp hangar according to the item built :

  • one for ships named “ships”
  • one for fighters, ammos, drones, named “charges”
  • one for all the modules for ships, named “modules”
  • one for all the deployables and their modules (eg athanor, their modules, but also deployable jump unit, mtu, etc.)
  • one for all the intermediate items, named “bpo” because I can’t find a correct way to name them. all the capital construction components, , construction components, capital construction components, fuel blocks, hybrid tech components, tools blueprint group.

Our collection is above 300 BPOs by now and we use the highest category of the actual product in the market as name for the storage container. By choosing this naming we enabled even younger industrialists to find the required blueprint for a given product quickly and precisely. As all our BPOs are locked in the containers but everyone has query rights all pilots can actually see what we already have and are also allowed to start their own jobs in given categories.

I use * (name of bpo type)

(name of bpc type)

I keep each in a seperate corp hangar except when transporting to jita where my market alt has bpc cans for everything

I then use the * (what can is holding) to differentiate items in his hangar.

At 300+ cans plus corp hangars and a freighter full it’s a pita

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