Alt Stash

goal : give access to your stuff to your alts even when they are in a different corp

implementation :

If your alt is not in an alt group yet, you can put him in your alt group.
there is ONE group owner per alt group. If you already belong to an alt group, can’t be added to another alt group. that is, either you are the owner of your own alt group, OR you are included in another alt group

When placing an alt in your own alt group (ie you are the owner) , a request is sent too your alt

Once you are in an alt group, you have access to a new station hangar that’s called “alt stash”. every item in the alt stash actually belongs to the owner of the group. Every alt in the alt group has access to it without an issue. Also your alts can start using the bps in the alt stash.

How would this work with regard to CEOs of corporations where either your main/alts are members and the corporation has an office in the station. Would the CEO be able to “view” these items, as can be done now?

Or would anything put in the alt “stash” be off limits entirely?

IMO anything in the alt stash should go in owner asset, for ease of easiness.
Following this rule, it should be visible as any other hangar . However since it’s a special hangar, I guess it could be set invisible from CEO (like deliveries IIRC)

Alt gameplay should not be easier than playing with a friend. This would discourage player to player interaction due to increased mechanics to do things compared to just using an alt, and this is a bad thing.

That’s just, like, your opinion.

Also nothing prevents you from using alt stash with a friend. If you trust him.
Basically it’s just an issue of sharing stuff with friends. The fact that they are your alts or not is actually irrelevant, as soon as they accept the invitation.

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