Blueprint collection

(Vidar Ymir) #1

so I started a bpo collection about 2 years ago when I was new to the game and eager to make my own goods and upon finding out that I would do better selling minerals for the most part over making my own ships and modules i put the blueprints in a container in a station and forgot about them, fast forward 2 years and im interested in resuming this collection of bpo’s for the sake of saying I have them and possibly getting the ocasional profit from one or 2 of them

i am looking so see if a tool exists that at will allow me to track my bpo’s and figure out which ones i do not own out of all the t1/2 bpo’s in the game

(Oran Addler) #2

I too have been trying to figure this out.

(sally Deninard) #3

Eve isk per hour has this functionality. It can track your blueprints (maybe not inside a container) and if you do a manufacture search it will display owned blueprints in a different color.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #4

I’ve always wondered that myself, its particularly annoying since my primary R&D alt happens to be on the same account as my main market alt (poor planning on my part I know) so if i’m trying to fill holes in my collection, I either need to write down what i’ve got and then use that for my shopping, (silly me doesn’t have a spreadsheet for that yet. what was I thinking) or I need to transfer money to a random alt and have them do the shopping for me.

(Gaive Shayiskhun) #5

You can also just CTRL+C and CTRL+V in to a spreadsheet after typing “Blueprint: copy” in to you personal asset search bar

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