Is there a way to findout which BPOs you don't have?

Looking for an app or webpage that can scan my assets and tell me what BPOs I don’t have.

Doing it manually with search is too tedious.


Spreadsheet time!

Get the invtypes data from fuzzworks and do a search/filter on “blueprint”. Build a list of ur BPOs from inventory using ctrl-a/ctrl-c/ctrl-v. Do a match up & diff.

Ur welcome.

Im too thick for all that

The issue is, you can’t tell which BPO you don’t have unless you have a list of them. Some T2 BPO are not seeded anymore.

Personally I have a program that makes a list of my BPO with their research state so I can compare them over the time. But Can only tell me what I’m missing from the SEEDED BPOs : those for which there exist a market NPC SO.

Eve isk per hour

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For IPH, use the blueprint management screen to see BPOs you own.

OK, I think I can work it out using IPH. It’s not perfect as it is saying I don’t own BPOs that don’t exist but I can work around that.

Thanks for your help except for the 1st guy. He might as well have just said “Learn to code”

Send me a screenshot of the issue you have and I’ll take a look. Join the discord if you want to chat.