BPOs quietly vanishing over time

Tiny handful of BPOs after 15 years of play

Better start keeping a log now

I’ve been playing since 2004, and have almost exclusively focused on industrial activity. I have also been buying BPOs, researching and using them in production since that time.

You’d think by now I’d be sitting on a mountain of ISK and prostitutes in null sec. But I’m not. And although my issue that I’m presenting here doesn’t have a direct connection with ISK (or prostitutes, for that matter) it is a factor on some level.

My BPOs have been disappearing over time, and when I contacted support they told me to prove it. Which I can’t because I generally assume it’s the game’s responsibility to keep track of such things. I was wrong. However, I can assure anyone that these allegedly missing BPOs were not sold or put on contract, nor were they misplaced or lost in a move, and I most certainly didn’t leave out for sticky fingers. They just simply vanished.

My theory is that player accounts of a certain age become riddled with database errors, and these become more systemic and egregious as time goes on. No, I don’t have proof, but after a decade and a half, I think I’m entitled to my opinions.

So I ask you, fellow industrialists, are you missing BPOs that you would swear you bought? If so, speak up. My alliance leader just started having the same problem, and I decided it is time to stop being silent.

The conspiracy theorist in me is demanding (shut up, I said) that I raise the point, with the changes to structures, and players now looting them, could this be an effort by CCP to reduce the amount of researched BPOs? They don’t seem to have a problem changing the mineral content of asteroids, nor the safety of our assets in structures.

So tell me your BPO woes, or any other missing assets.


I’m rather suspecting your BPO is in a place not listed in assets …

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I have so many BPO’s that I couldn’t tell if one was missing. Hell, I couldn’t tell if ten were missing.

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There was a time when my library was similar. And a Plex for one month’s game time cost 400M ISK. Ah, nostalgia.

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Sure you are, but you know the saying about opinions.

Ok, but if that is the case why would it be just BPO’s? In the database record there is no difference between a BPO, BPC, module, ship. I question how database errors could be so selective.

To what end? I cannot see any reason this benefits the game or CCP.

Good way to track it from now on is to put your bps in logged containers and take a timed picture of them everyday ( or the number of bpos In each container.) The container logs plus the dated pics should be proof enough if you took any or they just vanished in a certain amount of time.

I thought I was having this issue A while back on my main char. So I made a spread sheet to track them I have not noticed any missing from the list but the list is only about a year old now. Can any one answer a quick question?

Will a blueprints being researched during bash go to asset safety?

And the answer is yes and no.
YES they will go to asset safety IF the structure they were stored in never falls into low power due to low or no fuel in the structure for over ONE week.
No they wont if the structure has low fuel or no fuel for 1 week, then the structure falls to the abandoned state and there is NO ASSET SAFETY if the structure is then destroyed, all loot falls to the attacker.

I just realized that I am missing all of my BPOs except the two that were being used. All of my copies are there. Just all of the BPOs gone.

File a ticket and good luck.
Oh and keep us posted. :slight_smile:

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