Why remove Nightmare BPO's

Why is it O.K for CCP pets to be given BPO’s for T2 but when some randoms get a fair drop of Nightmare BPO’s you revert it as a bug? However dropping BPO’s back in the day to your mates is not a bug?

Where is the normal chorus of CCP butt kissers along to say , '‘hur dur BPO ‘s cannot keep pace with invention, git gud’’. Guess what Nightmare BPO’s can’t keep pace with LP stores & site drops of BPC’s so why remove them from the randoms who found one?

I’ll give you the answer they were not CCP shlong riders like you. This game is a joke, may the player numbers continue to collapse till all that is left is the pets.

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If it wasn’t an intended part of the loot table, then it wasn’t a fair drop - it was a bug. CCP has consistently removed unintended loot drops or converted them to the intended loot type (BPC instead of BPO for example). Also, there is a very clear exploit statement that there are no legitimate sources of new T2 BPOs, so it’s not like it should be a surprise - sometimes things break and taking advantage of them isn’t cool.


I must have missed that one. What was the reasoning for that?

I don’t recall all the details, but when they stopped doing the lotteries for T2 BPOs they basically said ‘that’s all of them, we aren’t releasing any more, if you find some loophole that lets you get one to drop/converts something into a T2 BPO it is not intended and needs to be reported as a bug’.

Note that this doesn’t mean existing T2 BPOs were removed - they still exist and it is legal to use them, but you cannot create new T2 BPOs by any method legally.

None of the faction ships were intended to be released as BPOs, only as BPCs, so the same applies: if you got a BPO somehow it’s a bug and should be reported, not exploited. CCP programmers are human and make mistakes sometimes when grabbing the ID for an object in a loot table; abusing that error is abusing an exploit and will at least result in losing the gains, and may also result in a ban.


Thanks for the explanation. I wasnt sure if the end goal was to eliminate T2 ships, modules, and ammo. So are T2 BPOs dropped as loot, or are all T2 blueprint loot BPCs from now on? I see this conversation was about a ship bpo, but didn’t know if this was universal.

All loot drops should be BPC. The goal is too make T2s special and not mass produced by players and is also partly the result of the T20 debacle. Ocassionally, CCP does learn from its past mistakes.

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There were legit t2 bpos released.

All that could be confirmed added inauthenticly were removed so I’m not sure what your point is.

I don’t have the exact numbers on how many Nightmares can be made via BPC drops and LP stores but each BPO can print 24 per day. Based on the volume of Nightmares sold according to Nightmare - EVEMarketer it’s conceivable that just one of those rogue BPOs could satisfy much of the Nightmare demand for the game.

Also T2 BPO lottery was a feature (if a dumb one) and Nightmare BPOs were a bug.

24 seems a bit low doesn’t it? I haven’t done industry since the BP overhaul years ago but isn’t it relatively fast to make copies? so couldn’t you use the bpo to make copies then use all your industry slots to build them at the same time.

I was just calculating from using the bpo but IIRC making a copy takes almost as much time as making the item. Lemme check…

Admittedly I have access to a sotiyo for building them and only a raitaru for copying but I can only make 19 copies per day. So I think that 24 is accurate even with better copy equipment.

Because they own the game and can do what they want?

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Ah yeah, like I said I haven’t done industry since the hard cap on research replaced the soft cap.

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