I found a nightmare BPO in these new winter data sites!

I found a nighrmare BPO in the new winter data sites! Is this a bug or a huge reward for the players?


Bug. Will be converted to BPC :frowning:

its weird ,no one is discussing it

CCP already addressed it this morning, so everyone else already knows.
They also sent out an in-game notification.


i’m surprised they haven’t said don’t make copies of it.

Where? Null?

we need to clear sites as many as we can now until DT tommorow.!lol

Produce as much as you can before it is gone!

lol and then CCP just revoked those BPC’s because it’s a bug. :rofl:

In theory they should make sure no one can take advantage of the bug, BUT the code has to allow them to do that…

They did say to not make copies or trade the bugged items in their posts under Known Issues - and that they would reverse any such transactions. Abuse of a known bug is also grounds for banning.

Only a warning or suspension. They dont like RMT the most and then its a ban. Botting is also bannable, but they dont try to eradicate it as much as RMT.

Is grounds for is correct; they may choose to apply a lesser penalty, but abuse of a bug (aka exploit) is a ToS violation which allows them to ban the account at their discretion.

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