Can data and relic bpc drops get a little live

Relic site loot tables are pretty good, but the BPC’s they drop are pretty worthless. Data site… yikes. Data cores are pretty much worthless and the BPC’s they drop aren’t much better than relic sites.

Maybe ccp could make the BPC’s super efficient. Investing 500 mil into a tech 2 capital explosive armor pump bpc for a 500k projected profit is pretty much worthless.


A lot of T2 BPC’s are junk due to T2BPO’s given out to pet players when Eve began.

Being an explorer/FW guy, I can agree with this 100%.

Good god some of the relic drops in low and null sec arent even worth the time to go out there and get them. It is even worse for Data sites. It is sad when I am happy to pull carbon from a data site, because that at least has a use to me.

This has nothing to do with the Data and Relic drop BPCs. Nor were the T2 BPOs given out when EVE began. In fact, I believe T2 BPO lottery was prior to rigs being split into small, medium, and large. It really is that there is not a lot of profit in the t2 BPCs as they are for rigs and require t2 salvage which is expensive.

Also a fair bit of the BPCs are for faction POS mods which are of limited value given how POSes are being phased out.

So yes Data and Relic site drops need love but it will probably not happen until CCP pushes out faction structure mods.

Wasn’t there some talk of removing research agents in the last CSM?
If that happens, then data sites might become rather happenin’ again.

And Gadget would be really sad…

–Concerned Gadget

Which would lead to an increase in T2 BPCs inventions and make T2 BPOs even more valuable…

No because research agents aren’t the only source for datacores. Datacores can be purchased with LP in faction warfare stores, and at a much faster pace than data and Relic sites provide. So it would be more an FW buff than am exploration one.

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I didn’t realize that. FW is one area where I have little experience.
Maybe it’s time to rectify that.


–Appreciative Gadget

Not really. There are not a huge amount of T2 BPOs out there. They are a drop in the bucket compared to invention needs. And their value is already so high because of rarity that buying ones wouldn’t be profitable for decades.

As for the owners, even if they constantly copy them and manufacture the copies, they can’t compete on a volume level that invention does.

Claiming T2 BPOs are threat to Indy is like claiming Porche will make enough compact cars to out compete Ford and Toyota combine. It just ain’t realistic.

I didn´t claim they are a threat for the market…
And you fail to take into account that you don´t have to make back the investement costs, since the T2 BPO will keep being rare and valuable, its value won´t decrease over time.

T2 BPOs are a huge unfair advantage given to some players by CCP.

Give dropped T2 BPC’s good ME/TE values and they’ll be worth something (this was an oversight in the Crius expansion which changed the whole ME/TE stuff and has been criticized a lot but CCP obviously doesn’t care). As it is today: it’s most of the time cheaper to invent a T2 BPC than build from a dropped one, even if you got it for free.

Get over it. It’s not the boogeyman that you and others make it out to be. It was 6 T2 BPOs, all 6 of those were returned to CCP and given out as part of the T2 Lottery in place at that time. If you are referring to the T20 scandal.

The lottery itself was not BPOs being given out to specific players. It was a chance based system. People won. Later, CCP realized it was not the best way and replaced the lottery with the invention system. Those T2 BPOs remained because that’s how the persistent sandbox works. They really aren’t some powerful item though. They are extremely limited and aren’t the danger people like to act like they are.

What are you smoking? T2 BPCs are the vast majority of production.

As for relic/data sites, I used to make most of my money exploring. Now, it’s so unprofitable that in probably not going to replace the Astero I lost this weekend.

Reading comprehension is not your best skill, right?

If I had a T2 BPO it would give me a huge advantage no matter how you try to spin it. I would literally have no invention costs at all and max ME/TE. Yes I am limited in the amount of of Items I could produce per time period, so what, no other player could produce this item at the costs I have.

No a single of your arguments is related to this.

If I had a guardian vexor, it would give me a huge advantage in running certain sites and missions. If I had a golden magnate, same thing.

Just because something in game exists and grants an advantage doesn’t mean it should be removed. Save up your isk and buy a T2 BPO if you feel they are so powerful. Otherwise, time to accept that they are in the game, CCP is fine with it, and find something else to argue about.

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