Data/Relic site improvements

As was discussed in Not enough loot variety for explorers

CCP we don’t need more ISK or more value in the relic/data sites, we need more variety.

Data Sites:

  • add basic, not automatically trained by new characters, skillbooks like Repairing, Shield Compensation etc. based on pirate faction, same drop rate as current skillbooks for decryption
  • add t1 module original blueprints like small armor repairer I or small shield booster I based on pirate faction, same drop rate as currently Zeigma (and the other) analyzer (which is worthless because it is the only drop in there and has extremely limited usage)
  • add t1 ship original blueprints like Atron, Algos or even Brutix (for null/wh) (again based on pirate faction) to the loot pool, extremely low chance to drop maybe like 1:5000 EDIT: or actually even lower chance for pirate faction ships bpc of that faction


  • add t1 rigs original blueprints in the loot pool, very low chance like 1:5000


  • Triglavian data (and maybe also relic?) site(s) that could drop triglav loot and salvage, these sites could be guarded by a few triglavian frigates or could spawn them when the hack fails or after some time spent on the site

BPOs as a drop is a no go. Period.

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They can be bought for less than 1 milion in NPC stations and they sell basically unlimited copies of them.

Can you explain me what is the issue with dropping Small Armor Repairer I Blueprint (original) (worth 200k ISK) in the data site?

NPCs sells it so this doesn’t break any players bussiness and the drop rate would be the same as Zeigma analyzer meaning less of these (now 1isk worth) blueprints as well.

If they’re so cheap then why do you care about getting them as loot?

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Variety? I have 30 Zeigma analyzer blueprints already. It is boring and they are absolutely worthless despite very rare loot. t1 BPOs are actually sellable - again NPCs have unlimited numbers of them so this does not affect economy at all. And explorers might early 200k-1m more per 20 sites.

Again, what is the problem can you actually explain why is this bad idea? Anyone?

But how is trading one form of worthless loot for another supposed to be meaningful progress?

Buying from NPC = isk sink. Having it in drop = no isk sink. Simple as that and it does affect economy.

Also your idea is a slippery slope: add one simple thing, then you’ll ask for better things in “harder” sites, rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

There is no progress in exploration besides standard and superior sleeper cache. And I am not idiot to ask CCP to buff value of data sites. It would be instantly denied by the non-exploring player base and CCP as well.

Look, if someone suggest on these forums something complex then you argue that it is too complex and altering the current state too much. If someone suggests something that is not complex, not altering the current state too much then you argue that it is useless change that adds no progress and doesn’t solve anything.

So what suggestion would actually be accepted by you and your alike?

I only ask for some variety, current loot in data and relic is too predictable and those rare-to-find bpcs from data sites has no value because there is too many of them. Which is caused because there is no variety. In relic sites you can find t2 rig bpc (unfortunately 0/0 which makes them almost worhless) and there is quite a variety of them which causes one specific bpc to somewhat still be rare. That is good and it needs to be done with data sites as well.

So based on your logic why do we even have these subforums and have ppls ask and suggest for things? If you add one ppls will ask for more and that is wrong.

Now I remember why I stopped posting on this subforum…

What would be the point when you can already buy them from NPC seeded stores for incredibly cheap?

Also, the Zeugma is the best Analyzer in the game, I don’t know why you’re saying it has “extremely limited usage” when you can use it to access every type of explo can in the game since it’s both a Data and a Relic analyzer.

Variety, less predictability of the loot you find. Again - in the topic I linked someone suggested that you could find a few moon goo in data sites which would increase the general value of these sites (which we all know is really low and almost not worth the time). And you were strictly against it.

Now I suggest something that doesn’t change the value of the data sites and you are against it because it doesn’t change the value of the site. LOL.

So what do you want? If you believe everything is fine, there doesn’t need to be any change and we don’t need any suggestions for exploration just say so and stop hiding it behind contradicting arguments.

It is bling module and you can use it only if you have skills at 5 (the weaker one is useless unless you have skills at 5 as well and when you have those skills there is no reason not to take Zeugma). Yes it saves one slot but you are then hacking like with 1t1 analyzers.

Both ideas are trash, just because it’s a different kind of trash doesn’t mean I need to be against one and for the other.

I’m not contradicting anything. I’m saying your idea of BPOs in these sites is a bad idea because you can already get them from NPC stores for cheaper, less effort, and more reliably.

Lmao, you are so wrong here. You gain bonuses from both skills. image

Does this look like T1 Analyzers?

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This. It has a problem with being pretty much worthless as a loot drop because the build cost is so close to the sale price (thanks to dropping too often), but it’s clearly the best possible option for the job and the only reason you’d ever use anything else is if you’re trying to keep your ship T1 basic for cost reasons.

I want you to stop being dishonest. You can’t simultaneously argue that your change is a positive one that should be made and that it’s a minor thing that won’t have any significant effect. There might be a legitimate argument for changing the loot drops, but you need to at least be honest enough to admit that doing so would be a buff to the value of the sites.

So any buff to the explo sites and data particularry, no matter how minor, is out of the question?

Again why?

Yes I am aware that even my idea will add some hundreds of thousands up to milions (t1 module bpos) maybe once per 20 sites (as I that is the Zeigma/Ligature analyzer drop rate for me). And once per 5000 (well if the chance will be 1:5000 it will be in practice much more than that for some players) even something worth tens of milions (t1 ship bpo/pirate ship bpc idea).

Why is this wrong? Data sites are almost worthless now. The average data site loot in Angel null is 8mil per site for me. So why is any buff to that, no matter how minor, wrong again? It seems that unless I suggest something which decreases the payout of data sites you and your alike will always be against it.

No one is saying that, and if you think we are, you must have trouble reading.

Your specific idea is bad. That’s it.

No one is saying it’s wrong. We’re just saying your specific idea is bad.

This is what I mean about dishonesty. If you genuinely believe that your proposal only adds ~50-100k ISK per site then why are you posting to ask for something so trivial? Either:

  1. You have no clue how anything works and are wasting everyone’s time.


  1. You are hoping to get way more than the dishonest numbers you’re presenting and hope to persuade people to support your plan by saying “don’t worry, I’m not asking for very much”.

Pick one.

Sorry, but there will never be an idea that wouldn’t be wrong. I am done.

Maybe CCP sees it and finds some merit in it, but I don’t actually believe that, even if my idea got 200 likes and everyone said “oh great this is nice idea CCP should do it” it wouldn’t happen anyway.

You need to read the topic I linked to. And read all I wrote again.

This is not a personal crab request to buff the activity I like so I get more value out of it. I am satisfied with what I earn from them.

If you cannot see it, stop posting. In fact, pretty much every your post is toxic af and brings nothing constructive. Answering to you is waste of time.

Then feel free to leave. And take your dishonest arguments with you.