An idea to buff Data Sites

Can we give Data sites some love and add BPC for Pirate Faction Ships and Faction Standup Modules to their loot tables?

No. The BPC prices are already depressed enough. Nor do we need more Standup crap.

What would help Data Sites to be more rewarding were items that are mandatory for building faction things. The Data Sites already provide things like Angel Advanced Trigger Mechanism for COSMOS weapons. This should be expanded to every faction item, in particular pirate faction items. Like the Ligature and Zeugma analyzers, faction items should require a sizeable portion of certain faction materials to be built. These would be in steady demand, they would not depress other loot drops and mission rewards further and their drop rate would be easy to balance and adjust.

I’m all for buffing the value of the loot of Data Sites. I believe that the best way to go there is by making them harder to bot, more challenging to find and more challenging to run … for everyone. This is a far better approach than adding just adding/replacing the loot.

Adding new/different loot is in no way or form a good solution. It’s just a band-aid until the cycle repeats itself. Prolonging the inevitable is a far better approach than cycling through items.

When its harder to reach the loot, then the value of the loot stays higher for longer. When you just keep replacing/adding loot, then you just keep depressing the values of added/replaced items. You then have two sets of items with low value, because the old loot will not magically increase in price drastically, while the new one will drop in price pretty fast due to increased exploration because of the higher value). That’s what always happens.

It’s a super lazy approach and definitely not a very foward looking one, which means it should be dismissed in favour of something that’s more for the long term.


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