Randomized research values for dropped BPCs


So I was having a chat with an alliance member after getting a capital rig bpc from a relic site during my research to find out if it was worth producing or not and the answer to that was, unfortunately not. This problem was compounded by the fact that BPC’s can’t be researched. He said that unless they’re researched, it’s generally not profitable to produce them which leaves anyone who gets these BPC’s with something that can’t be easily sold or produced.

So I have a possible solution to ensure there’s a chance of it being profitable to run, whether it’s the explorer or someone else without it effecting the economy too much. Simply have relic/data BPCs drop with a random research value (with the exception of implant bpcs, etc). This will negate the need to allow research on all BPCs and thus won’t adversely effect the market.

The research efficiencies help but unless the margins are so very tight it may still be profitable to make. (not to mention maybe something you or your corp can use)

That’s true, though I doubt it would do any harm and may give a little more value to these drops, depending whether you want to sell the bpc or produce it for self/corp use.

Problem I’m finding is deflation with the BPC market.

I salvaged a BPC that a year ago sold for 500-600mil (or more!). Right now it’s only 300mil.I’m holding on to it, hope after the summer prices go back up.

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BPCs can’t be researched, they are issued from BPOs or given as log-in rewards or drop as loot and it’s been like that since when? The beginning?
Why would you want to do research on a copy if the game says we can’t do research on them?

And this is a bit confusing:

You asked him about producing BPC so why would he say “unless they’re researched” when BPC can’t be researched?
Sorry, maybe I’m slow today. I lack sleep… Been a long week.

Going to assume he meant researched BPOs, because like I said it’s generally not profitable to manufacture BPCs because they’re not researched. So the majority of bpc drops won’t be utilized if it ain’t profitable, not suggesting to change core mechanics of the game here just BPCs you get from hacking drops to encourage production. The BPCs themselves would remain unresearchable.

I have no problem with that. I think it isn’t a bad idea. I see BPC as a waste of pixels, CCP should have a look at the matter.

Fully researched BPCs are the most valuable.

But that doesn’t mean lesser researched or unresearched BPCs won’t sell. Just have to adjust your price expectations.

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