Mass amount of Capital Module BPC's

Hi All,

I love to capital build as much as the next industrialist. But I am sitting on 14,972 Capital Module BPC’s, each is 5 runs each, of 10 me /20 pe.

I may keep 100 of each for later. But the rest I will never use up anytime soon.

So Should I sell the rest of the 13,572, in all 19 cap module types? Numbers of each vary.

1.) What’s it all worth in total to someone? Good estimate. be honest.

2.) Or should I sell them off in lots of ??, and for what approximate price.

Ideas, Questions? offers? Contact me. This is an alt character I will watch for new evemails.

Keko Konkovi

After building a couple of capitals most industrialists switch to 40 runs so they don’t have to babysit construction jobs multiple times a day.

What you could do is buy cheap capital ship BPCs in Jita and combine them into ship kits. Just watch the market for a few days, because there a good deals all the time, and also people vainly hoping for a high price on their ship BPC.

Ya all these BPC’s where made before the 40 runs where available. 5 runs were extremely common then.

Obligatory Note - technique refers to your personal ability to do something, juxtapose your skill levels which makes it easier to have no technique, like an Omega.


Noob question, how much time/isk does it take you to research that many BPs?


Be Alpha

The initial research to 10 ME/PE takes time, but once you have one BPO, making copies is easy.

Most likely she bought the BPCs, instead of buying a BPO and then researching it to 10/20. Its easier, cheaper, and faster to just buy the copies.

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