Is it worth it to fully research Capital BPOs

I’ve noticed a lot of Capital BPC packs on contract are not fully researched. Why is that?

Capital ships are made with a few huge capital components. Due to the way material research works, sometimes the difference between 9 and 10 is literally nothing. As for time efficiency, I don’t know, maybe the owner didn’t want to spend 2 years researching for a slightly better build time?


That was going to be my guess. Thank you for confirming.

I just checked some of the BPOs that my corp owns and we’ve taken ours (for example an Orca BPO) up to around 8% Material Efficiency/16% Time Efficiency (the maximum would be 10%/18%).

I’m not sure that we’ll research them further at this stage, mostly because to get that additional pretty small 4% in material/time savings would cost us around 8,918,228,430 ISK and take around 620 days (310 days for the Material Efficiency research run + 310 days for the Time Efficiency research run) … almost two years!

Assuming that we have the components to make the ship (all of which are fully researched) then practically the differential that we stand to gain, at this stage, just isn’t big enough to justify the ISK/Time outlay.


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I was wondering why there isn’t more people out there manufacturing these BPC packs… Looks like I need to build up my wallet. Thanks!

Probably because most capital ship manufacturing is handled by nullsec alliances, who don’t need to use the market to find blueprints.

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Go here and have a look at all the blue prints.

Screen Grab of a Thanny BPO

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Tbh right now is not a good time to invest in cap bpo’s.
The starvation phase and the growing risk aversion in the player base has significantly reduced cap sales.
I’m literally sitting on 13 nidhoggurs, 3 nyx, 5 lif, and 1 avatar, and I can’t sell them at fair market value. The only interested parties want to under pay by, at Best, 20%.
If you’re not already in cap production, save your isk. Within the next year, you’ll notice researched bpo’s hitting the market at fairly reasonable prices.
A portion of them will be from me, I guarantee it.

As goons lose and withdraw into wh’s, the opportunity for cap battles will diminish.
Cap ratting got the nerf hammer via ess changes, so the golden age is coming to a close.
Going forward, after this war is over, it’ll be almost entirely sub-cap skirmishes, and Maybe a new war in a few years.
The powers that be are investing heavily in highsec miners to fill their production gaps, and they’re replacing the caps they’ve lost, but then again, they already have bpo’s.
Once they have the umbrella restocked, they will be able to completely corner the cap market.
There’s just not enough of a market Right Now to cover the investment, let alone next year when you’re done researching to 8/16.
Any further research is nearly pointless.

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Some capitals don’t get any bonuses for maximum research. If you look at the Orca BPO on the site link above. It does not get any more material bonus after level 8. So all the players that research material beyond 8 are just wasting isk.

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I’ve been selling capital BPC kits for several years. Component prints need to be 10/20. Most of my hull prints are 9/16. Initial capital investment is high but it only costs a few thousand ISK to make the copies and the kits sell for 10’s of millions - hundreds of millions in the heyday of the Rorqual! I’ve long since recovered the capital investment and my BPOs retain their value.

Research cost depends on the research time, which depends on skills and facility bonuses, and the system cost index. I am currently researching an Orca BPO to ME10. When I submitted that job the job cost was 28 million ISK. That single job pushed the system cost index for ME research from 0.1 to 0.47. If I decided to submit another Orca BPO for ME10 it would now cost 132 million ISK! By letting the cost index drop between jobs you can keep costs low.

While ME10 has little impact on production cost for capital ships, it does impact consumer behavior. ME10 prints sell faster and command higher prices!


The above table from chruker does not take into account bonuses from structures/rigs. Sometimes another ME level makes a difference but it doesn’t show in that table.

Now is EXACTLY the time to start getting the BPO’s and researching them up though. If you’re not building with a BPO, research it and start generating copies.

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