Q: Capital building in the New Industry era?

I’ve been on RL vacation for the last couple weeks.

Been wondering if any industry folks have started building capital hulls with the new industry blueprints yet.

Before I left, I couldn’t find anyone building capital hulls. Personally, I built some Capital Construction Parts, as they are needed for ihub upgrades. Otherwise, nothing with the new industry besides some reaction and research on the new BPOs.

What is the current situation for other industry folks? Are people building new capital hulls?



Just look at the mineral prices …

I was only building Orcas and Freighters in High Sec but I am at a 100% stop on all production. The cost too continue to just build Orcas and Freighters is costly. Heck I figured to buy the new BPOs to just cover the new parts at 17B isk +, that cost without the reaction BPOs.

CCP has really screwed this up badly.


I literally can’t build capitals anymore because some genius decided that capital building should now take 6 months of skill training for the new parts. Also they’re now a lot more expensive to build so we probably won’t see many coming out until demand increases and drives up price. Also, SO MUCH P1 which is ass to ship.

“I know not what weapons WWB3 will be fought with- actually I do, it will be HACs because capitals are nigh-impossible to build.” -Albert Einstein, probably.


I don’t really know how I would handle the increased build costs, but I would say that the way to handle the skill BS is to reduce the science skill requirements for the new stuff down to IV instead of V, which will save literal months of training time. Like, it’s been 2 months since the devblog came out, so if you started training those skills from that day onward you still wouldn’t be able to build caps now without injecting. I hate to bring tinfoil hattery into this thread, but that just reeks of a plot to sell more injectors.

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Did they not set out to reduce the number of capitals? I mean it sounds like a success as far as CCP stated aims go

As a capital builder, currently my productions are at a crawl, but not a stop. The real struggle has been getting into the new rhythm of material gathering and procurement.

I also figured out that unless you have a dedicated wormhole corp, its not economical to do the reactions for the new Metallofullerenes so that became a mandatory import, though they’re fairly cheap as far as inputs are concerned.

The real kicker is the Capital Core Temp Regulator. Right now it costs… 5-7b to build one if you buy the smaller Core Temp Regulators and PI bits from market to build, and I don’t expect that material cost to drop below 2-ish bil ever because of how long it takes to get everything together+mat values.

THIS IS NOT A SMALL PRODUCER KILLER, but it certainly makes our lives and gameplay much more difficult, and as is the norm with many changes, disproportionately affects and disincentivizes smaller producers from trying to continue.


Bump - It’s two weeks since I last asked.

Is anyone building new capital ships now?


Dunk why would they… everything is off the charts bonkers prices:

Take the Charon for example, the build cost used to be ~1b

Now it is 8b+. There is zero reason to build capitals right now, if you didn’t build as many as you could before the changes your A. An idiot and B. Screwed


currently, yes. though, before the changee if I was going hard I could do 3 a month, now, I’m at one on a potentially every two month time scale. So, yeah as a small producer, hurting a bit even if the end point of sale is going to be higher

I still need those level V science skills…

In my dream, I success millions.

Hi Dunk

I’m within the brave bubble and I know for myself since the changes I have not re-gotten into it as the stock of materials needed has not been anywhere close to what I need to build any of the capitals I used to create. I know in the past I was able to make one about every 14 days with a very nice supply chain and corp members building parts in a timely manner and supply our markets. With at least some to all from our members work and helping them to make isk for helping me out. I also had our material buyback going and direct parts purchasing from builders. Since the changes the costs have made it hard to think about if you take in account about 1.7Bn is worth 20USD or 17Bn is about 200USD. You would be paying our miners less for work due to the ore reductions and paying outsiders more for less work which they are not doing too the demand of the builder (me) and no one is trying to push the cost pricing down to acceptable levels with volume because in LS and WH there are better ways to make isk. The bad thing I’m finding it hard to grasp is why did CCP put so much responsibility for cap production into PI, Gases and Reactions. They are not really industry’s of interest its more of a hobby to help someone in T2 production. Not a universe of capital producers WH and LS are for people that can be nomadic at best and are under constant pressures to either take new space or they are being pushed out of there space it’s not an easy life. So too put a demand on there activities into which we all in turn have to wait for products to come out of is hard. It’s also a harder concept to apply to capital production which in turn is a waiting game anyways and we need stability to create.

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Anyone at all?

I started building caps just before the industry changes. I could probably knock out a dread a month solo.

Now I’m lucky to knock out a BS every 2 weeks. I’m not even looking at Cap production because honestly I don’t want to put that amount of time and effort into it. Heck, T2 production is hard enough solo, I might finish a Vargor in a month and even that doesnt seem worth the time. Finding myself bored and frustrated half way through the process.

Its limited what I can do in this game with characters 10+ years old. Limited to the point where I know there will come a time where I will unsub all characters again as the current gameplay around cap industry isnt fun/possible for smaller entities.

CCP, if you want to do something drastic about stock piles, hit those with the stock piles directly, not make it stupidly hard for everyone to build caps.

I can’t even find ice locally now to keep the structures running. This game feels like its on its way to death and I’m not sure I want to even bother because at some point I’m guessing scarcity and difficulties in production will be somewhat relaxed in the future. I may as well unsub chars and wait.


4-ish years of skills into mining,pi,industry and I now can’t compete without Plex. I unsubbed 10 accounts, the last one will expire in less than a week.
The grind is too much for now. I can’t balance work and play, when play takes more time than my full-time job.
I’ve considered just subbing to keep the skill queue going, but I think ccp only pays attention when their wallets are impacted.

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I’m glad i saw this i’ve returned mostly following a friend i was one of those lucky enough to have neough bpo’s to build freighters carriers from scratch. I come back and what i find a market in chaos i’ve done some quick dirty math to build a providence from scratch take 5bill + so why they on sale for less than 4 and alot of the reaction by products are very thin on the table this to me seems in error. This is after i find i need another 1.5 bill bpo and a 750mill lesser version for 1 new part and a new 1.5 bill per faction bpo and going to carriers requires yet another 1.5 bill bpo on top of the like 20 that were already needed this is crazy

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Building a freighter represents a minimum loss of 500-600M Isk. There are still plenty of the old freighters in circulation exchanging for below cost. Spreadsheet and market both say NO to building new freighters. No doubt this extends to carriers as well. The only reason I can see to build a freighter is to upgrade it, in situ (without needing to fly in a freighter from somewhere else) to a jump freighter.

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After reading this i’ve come to the conclusion 1 i picked the worst time to return my spreadsheet math was at a billion loss almost all of the negative profit it in the new capital core mod. So patience is the key as you said let the old supply run out and let the market get saturated with the new components driving down building costs. Trit requirements so much lower that will probably hit the market hard. Why change a system that’s worked perfectly for 10+ years

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the new changes (for caps and others) sound good on paper but seems to be a step to far on top of T2 production. Which is a maze in itself. The hammer will drop evently, whether thats a nerf to BPs or player count. 1 is gonna change.