We have just bought 3 charons we do not need

Because prices for Charons are rising continually since the industry spring update, I calculated today where that might end. Calculations resulted in ~9b before taxes and w/o profit margin, ergo quadrupled in relation before the industry update?

Am I the only one who thinks this is insane and massively unfair to younger capsuleers and/or cooperations who don’t own such capital hulls already? This change implies as massive shift in wealth distribution in my eyes to the disadvantage of those with less capital hulls - and in need.

P. S.: We don’t need another Charon because we already have some for our purposes.

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For me at current materials price it’s 7.5B production cost, without taxes and no profit but including manufacturing lines and transport, work being done in a station.
Doing it in a structure with good rigs should shave like 2-3%.

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Yeah, forgot to set material effiency to the right value. What selling price do you estimate finally?

10.5B . Below that no reason to sell. But I have a very specific building process so most people would sell it around 9-10B, and actually less if they have access to a good structure.

The main part is from the Capital Core Temperature Regulator and its 4.4B unit cost

Maybe we should buy a few more.

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