Cap building?

Is any one actually building caps with the current indy setup??

It is my understanding that cap build costs are still below cap sell prices (which is likely the case because a lot of industrialists built as much stuff as possible under the old system before build requirements were raised). I’m sure that cap prices will eventually catch up to build costs, but I can’t tell you how long that will take.
No P2W

Yeah I see that looking at ravworks.
Dreads are 8b build cost roughly and sell for 4b ish.
But do you think any people are actually building any even if it is at a loss?
Or are people hoping ccp changes something to make caps feasible to use and build?

People probably won’t build at a loss.

Also, nothing needs to be changed. We just need to wait until enough capital ships have blown up for the sell cost to start matching the build cost.

We won’t know how long that will take, but as long as capital ships get blown up, it will eventually happen. Maybe the new capital ship ratting site will speed up the process?

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I am quite sure people are still building them but not for selling on the open market.


No the current set up is meant to all but stop the production of capitals. This will eventually end and be balanced properly


You make it sound like it is CCPs intention to stop capital production.

That was not the intention of the change, it was their intention to decouple capital prices from the subcap prices if I understood it correctly. And an increase in capital prices may have been a secondary intention.

It has not been their intention to all but stop production of capitals, that’s just a result of a surplus of cheap capitals on the market.

Indeed, once enough capital ships have been blown up and the capital build cost matches sell price.

That is the long term goal of the change. But their prices were deliberately increased in order to slow the production of capitals as part of scarcity and depleted stockpiles of capitals.

Scarcity was about depleting stockpiles of materials by reducing the influx of new materials.

I don’t see how halting production is part of scarcity, as that would do the opposite of what’s meant with scarcity: to reduce stockpiles. You may be confusing the industry changes with scarcity. Those are two separate things.

Easy enough to say in passing, but the reality is it will be years before that happens.

I’ve mothballed my cap builders.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

True, it may take years.

We just know that eventually those cap builders will be necessary again if EVE is still alive at that point.

Its disgusting that Orcas and freighters are included.

Just delete military caps.


I think ccp will change the amount of minerals needed for caps. They will want to save face some how. But God knows how

Me happy I didn’t invest in Cap bpo’s

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Nah caps are fine. And if you don’t want to play with them there are plenty of areas they are cut off from.

But yeah ccp will be both reducing the martial requirements as well as making it easier to get the base materials and costs will come back down.

Even if Gerard doesn’t think requirements will drop for whatever reason (guess he thinks navy bpcs are meant to be useless) the cost still will.

If it’s 20% easier to build something the price will drop the same. Regardless of if it’s because you need less mats or if it’s because you get the mats faster

No they are tedious.

Remove, make interesting and reapply.

On topic: remove stupid mats requirements plsthxbai

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