Capital ship costs need to be increased by 50X

We need to bring back the days where these ships were rare in sight and players were in owe when they seen one. Increase build costs. Fix the game to match inflation with your silly “buy plex for isk”

so how much PLEX did you buy with that furlough bailout?

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I’ve not been furloughed m8, have you?

sorry to hear you have to work

I know… I wish I was furloughed, happy to live on 80% of my pay to do nothing.


5 characters.


An in-game Titan should cost as much as a real-life car. Oh wait, they kind-of already do?

So you want to make existing Cap owners/producers 50x richer - nice one :slight_smile:

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How exactly do you propose CCP “increase” the “build costs”?

Edit: oh wait, I just noticed who OP is. lmao, you got me.

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Capital ships should have upkeep cost.

Are they not flying coffins where your char is basically for them and only them?

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People store them in citadels, carriers are stored in stations even. Each capital ship stored, assembled or not, should be treated as asset that generates cost, because of taking precious (virtual) human and infrastructure resources.

Why should a dread cost more than half of a giant honking space station with a death laser?

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For sure standard non-super caps need to cost more than Faction/T2 BSes by a wide margin. I think CCP is seeing if resource distribution will have that effect before considering making other changes like jacking up input requirements to manufacture them.

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