Boost capitals and supers even more

We are witness to a stagnation on capital and supercapital production, no one is buying them at the inflated prices. There is still some stock older, and that is being sold on more logical prices than the new production costs.

One solution would be to boost them, and 1 more support only fighter slot to carriers, +2 point stength increase damage and optimal falloff and higher hp to fighters overall. +1 heavy to supers, add sniper heavy fighter variety, + 5 on point strength more HP on supers. Give moros back its drone bay and boost other dreads tracking and dps.

Finally introduce new x-large smartbombs, active repping modules that can fit properly only on supers and titan. those should use a big volume of ice product fuel.

Fire away

Yeah, I’m not to thrilled about the idea of super expensive ships being made even more powerful. It will make them more oppressive to subcap PvP and create a situation where people either feel compelled to grind like idiots for stupid expensive ships, or not play.

Quite honestly, I’m not convinced that anything needs to be done. I’m sure it sucks for cap builders, but fewer caps and less frequent cap usage is a good thing in my book.

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Sure while you are at it add a second doomsday to Titans, 3 turrets to dreads and a new weapon just for capitals called Big Red Button, that works like a stealth bomber’s bomb…but get this… bigger, like capital bigger! Once it reaches its target it will shoot Dalek beams in a radius of 200km and be like a giant disco ball of death. Oh oh, and please make it say “Exterminate” right before it goes off!

I’d rather instead of them increasing their power to match their cost - their power having been nerfed a dozen or more times since introduction - they’d reduce the costs to match their current utility, and then add new ships that are more expensive that do more.


Increasing their power and justifying their cost (and increasing it further) is not bad. Currently the supes and titans are stupidly useless if not in a mega blob or with a capital umbrella behind. They are ships that honestly if caught alone make 10 kikimora laugh. Reducing their value creates the very inflation that I think ccp has tried to reduce in recent years. It does not make sense.

You can never nerf or buff a ship because of its cost that can and will change over time.

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Power to cost ratio isn’t the main problem with Supers and Titans.
The first thing CCP needs to do is address the reasons they are even wanted, “needed” and used OR as the case is now for the most part - NOT used.
CCP created the whole meta that caused Super proliferation and simply increasing the build costs of them has and will do nothing to address the underlying issues created due to CCP’s efforts roughly 6 years ago.

What a terrible idea - You’re asking for a whole new meta designed only for the richest and by far most risk averse groups in the game.
N+1 groups already deny content to the game and you want to give them more powerful ships that only they can afford.
Definately had your “I’m a nulsec ■■■■ lord” hat on when you wrote this.

Yes, I am asking for new high end ships since we have not had a new class of capitals introduced in 15 years. Any other game would have created a higher tier of content at this point. Yes. it’s designed for rich players in nullsec. As amazing as it sounds, they need reasons to keep playing, too.

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We already have abyssal where people are pulling billions per hour. What would be higher tier from that? Even more isk/h?

For most rich null players. Reason to play won’t be ability to become even more rich by krabing.

n o

The issue with capitals is the price is too high, not that they’re underpowered. That’s because the economy is ruined rn. If you buff capitals, then they’ll just get more OP where they’re already used and if CCP brings down prices then they’ll be too meta-dominating

Is it not apparent that they’re perfectly happy to keep killing roamers, having fleet fights, and doing reddit bullcrap? I see ZERO good reason to give nullsec even stronger toys to use for only their own purposes, especially if those toys can be used to even further ruin the already bad state of roaming gangs and small fleet fights

The folks who can afford newer, bigger ships already have the isk to afford them. Other than making existing things worth it and tweaking the DBS, I don’t see the need for new income streams, even if these ships are introduced. When I am talking, in this context, about “higher tiered content” I am not talking about new PvE.

That’s the point. At some point, all that money is just sitting there, and folks want to have something to invest it in. At this point, once you’ve got multiple titans and supers, what good is having any more?

The bigger ships should be focused on nullbloc level warfare, and not be that useful in stomping roaming gangs, even though there aren’t that many anymore. Make them useful in the strategic level fighting we do and folks will buy them.

If ships can be designed that are good for tidi fuckfests and structure bashing only, like how current supers/titans are intended to be used, then I’d be fine with this. But I would want there to be absolutely no way for them to be used against subcaps effectively. This means no HAW guns, no bonuses to non-XL torps (lookin at you, full rack of normal Torpedo Launcher II Leviathans), and preferably fewer highslots so they aren’t good for pipebombing and such. THEN I feel they would be an atleast not fully fun-ruining addition to the game

I wouldn’t envision them being any better against subcaps than what is already out there.

I’m not even gonna comment on that bull… that sounds like straight from some theme park, instanced game.

Lets just go back to CCP not making content but making tools for players to make content… Then we can think about adding more broken ships.

This is literally what I am saying - give players new, more powerful ships for use in nullbloc level fighting.

You can’t honestly brelieve making isk is a motivator for the richest players in the game to keep playing. If you do, please resign from the CSM now as you don’t have a clue.

You and your kind have become so risk averse over the last few years it really wouldn’t matter what CCP did at this point, you’ll simply find a way to do it in complete safety.

You really are funny. Part of the biggest group in the game that uses the highest tier ships to live in a state of near invulnerability - Asking for a higher tier of capital ships.
You don’t “use” the ones you have, you “abuse” them and game mechanics surrounding them.

I’m sorry, are you saying having a whole alliance and friends hold up in a single constellation for a year thanks to skewed game mechanics and way too many of the current top tier strategic ships - Isn’t enough of a strategic advantage for you?

Of course you would buy something that would give you an even bigger strategic advantage - I mean seriously, why would you even consider fighting on a level where you may actually have to risk and lose something.

Are you aslo advocating CCP address the game mechanics that currently make nulbloc level fighting such a pita and really not worth engaging in (if you aren’t a Goon)

I’ll argue/discuss change and content creation ideas all day with you But I can’t argue this any further as it just isn’t close to anything reasonable or worth addressing.

I’m just putting your comments here down to still being hungover and not thinking right from new years celebrations

Who said anything about making isk? I’m talking about things to spend it on, not make it.

Did everybody forget how to read today or something?

Sgt Ocker, this isn’t your gameplay, so you don’t need to worry about it. It’s not for you.

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Leaving the personal infighting aside, there is a case to be made as to how effective are subcaps against carriers for example, who would play with a 5 billion ship if a filamented 25 cruiser gang with a value of 250 mil can kill him so easily?