Asset degredation

Bring in a mechanic which introduces degredation of ships and other proliferated assets that can only be prevented/repaired with a new material.

Create an up keep cost to nerf the hoarders of supers and titans ect.

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But why?


Then a PLEX-based valet service to maintain them when you arent able to when you log in!


CCP, you sly devil.

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So… I go on holiday, come back and have a huge bill? This sounds a great way to keep customers.


just a ■■■■ idea, you didn’t even explain why something like this would even be good. If people want to horde ships, and they paid for them…why take that away?

Because slowly capitals are making sub caps redundant. What is the point in flying sub caps whwn u can fly a carrier for close to the same cost? Bring maintenance fee’s based on ship size to nerf capital and titan proliferation.

And what is the point in beating that dead subcapital horse back into meta when there are perfectly fine capitals you can use?
However the capital roster is in dire need of more diversity. T2 caps maybe? Or some advanced 50km long awesome supertitans! Basically astrahus but with engines! Awesome!

Then we should address this directly rather than make a shitty upkeep mechanic that effectively introduces a cost-of-living.

And upkeep just plays even more into the hands of goons. Who do you think will maintain their capital fleet better? A huge coalition with large amounts of resources and the most effective organisational structure the game has ever seen or Jimmy McCasual?

I think we have a great sub cap roster that we can use it is just utterly pointless when every man and his dog has a Titan and supercap.

Bring in capital degredation, I’d set that bar at a 10% monthly mineral cost which is about the same as a sea going warship irl.

So say cost of titan is 50bn you would be looking at 5bn isk upkeep per month. Supers are gonna be 1 to 2bn and carrier 100m.

You can use subcaps in HS. Just try to think of them as a noob ships. Start small and as your character progresses grow larger and more powerful. That’s why ships arranged in a tree in ship browser.

he’s on an idea there face it go on holiday come back to broken windows car rusting in driveway lol dog eaten cat or cat eaten granny face off.

Agree there are issues with cap/supers but this is not a good idea.


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This doesn’t even fit the lore or the mechanics. We use nanites to regenerate armor, hull, and overheated modules on a regular basis. Any degradation would just look like damage, and a repper would patch it right up.



Fits flack batteries that does scaling bonus damage for each class below it… negetive 100% damage to caps
10% damage to battleships, 20% damage to battlecruisers, ectra ectra…

This is sarcasm, please do not make this nightmare a reality.

What we really need alongside capital degredation is a frigate mountable non aoe doomsday.

Make it atrociabely expensive on par with super cost but keep its frigate squishyness. The dominance of the capital vessel irl ended when a few plucky brits on tiny wooden planes destroyed the Italian battle fleet.

So the doomsday costs as much as a supercap but just dies instantly from any large shots? As if anyone is going to use that…

Though it would be fun to mount it on a covops.

They use them all the time IRL they are called fighter planes & bombers, the best of which reach the same operating costs as large ships or fighting units.

But if you can get a capital, why buy a frigate that costs as much and will die instantly from literally any shots? A supercap might be able to get away after it dd’s because of how tanky it is but a frigate? Anyways, it’ll probably die from some instalocky ship that kills it as soon as it drops from warp. Kind of useless, in my opinion.

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I don’t even know how the market would handle something like this, imagine having to have 100 variations of the same ship except they read

Venture (Pristine)
Venture 99%
Venture 98%

and how do we even factor in the ISK Degredation? is it an even 1% off the value?
this ones a -1 from me

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