We should have a capital ships maintenance system

After one and a half decades, there is a serious problem we have to face:
The huge amount of ISK and strategic reserves have been made and stored. That’s a very realistic problem since New Eden is very much a real society.

The big corps and Alliance have farmed those ISK and reserves that normal players can not even imaging.
And also this problem applies to the Chinese server( Serenity), and maybe worse, because there were about 5 years of Farmville era with auto-farming bots everywhere in nullsec, I don’t have the data, but I will believe Serenity may have more ISK than Tranquility, I have seen the numbers you won’t believe, I have seen multiple toons have the wallet with more than 3500 trillion ISK each (if you want to know, it’s: 3,500,000,000,000,000 ISK).

How much do you have? So far so real?

But do you know what is unreal?

In the real world, the US navy spends about 12B $ to build a nuclear carrier, but has to spend more than that to maintain the carrier, which is about 40B for the life-time cost.

Besides a nuclear carrier that able to sail 40 years but still need to have a refueling and overhaul like every 10 years, the regular military ships and military vehicles will be considered outdated after like a decade, and in the cold war era which is more similar to New Eden, 5 years is how long a module of the tank should be updated.

But your dreadnought is built in 2005 and have stored for 15 years? No problem! Still in perfect shape! (forget about the Nanobot thing in lore, it just a Deus ex)

Now you can see, if a faction establishes their hegemony in a period, they are able to collect a huge amount of reserves and stores them with no cost, and that’s what happening in Tranquility and Serenity. Russia will like to be in this kind of world that they will still have their fleet and steel torrent.

So, there should have a system to make an old, long-lasting ship more costly to use, at least capitals or super capitals. The mechanic could be it will make the keepstar cost more fuel blocks if there is more capital in it. Or after a certain time, a capital has to go back to a keepstar or NPC station to have maintenance, with ISK paid to the system, and maybe some nanobots cost, if not, it will have a debuff up to cut 80% HP and resist.

I’m not making a proposal about a whole system of capital ship maintenance, just to make some examples, I sure it’s not a perfect idea, but you can see my point.


Hey, dear. This is a video game. Not real life.

> proposes a whole system of capital ship maintenance
> “I’m not making a proposal about a whole system of capital ship maintenance”


I think the closest thing that might work is to limit how many titans can fit into a citadel/keepstar/whatever. If you can only have 20 titans in a keepstar, for example, it will have similar repercussions, since you need to maintain the keepstar itself.


Thats called “example”

You can call it whatever you want.
The point is you’re proposing a whole system of capital ship maintenance.

That’s true

as long as you’d like to call it

I’d like to call it “a terrible idea”.

Why is it a terrible idea?

I said so, that we I was saying I’m not proposal it, i’m giving a example.

Thats what I said

Because this would just entrench the megablocs into an already powerful position?

The idea at its core is actually quite sound in its intent.

But in reality, it’s unlikely to change much because while this is going to be just another drag placed on players, large powers will still be able to afford it without any issue.

The real solution to null-sec being a titan-fest with fleets of hundreds of them shooting each other while piled into neat little balls isn’t changing their cost, but their utilization. Titans and supercarriers should have been ships that are limited to a few per grid, full stop. And normal capitals should be vulnerable to small ships like fighters and frigates, which could target critical subsystems that larger ships can’t.


they are already in a powerful position, and without so much cost to entrench it.

Please tell me how your “whole system of capital ship maintenance” would fix this.

Or are you going to retreat back and claim it’s just an “example”?

I’m saying we need ONE, not saying we need THIS one, and I said it’s a example and not a perfect one in the very top of the FKing article, can you just not ignore it?)

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So the only people who should be able to afford caps are the huge, Uber-rich null blocks? All your suggestion does at this point is prevent anyone from competing/challenging them.

You’re closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

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So you’re saying.

“We need an idea, and that idea will solve all the problems, even the ones you can think of right now, it’ll just magically solve them because it’ll be the best idea.”

Is that right?

Yeah thats a good idea too, make the battle not only about EHP and DPS or DPH

that’s called Slippery slope, and I’m not gonna reply you since you are not making any constructive feedback. Feel free to congratulate your victory over an online topic.

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