Upkeep cost for ships

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I think we need to implement a upkeep cost for ships.
The reason would be to try and combat the current issue with capital ships . Caps are being built far more than are being destroyed, supers and titans more than any other. Dreads are probably the exception as they tend to suicide a lot.

The system should be fairly simple , Every week/month you pay a cost for maintaining a ship . you would pay to the owner of your station. If you are docked in a alliance citadel then the alliance pays instead .

This would also create a isk sink as well which is always good thing in eve I think. I would suggest supers and titans would gave large costs for maintenance , how much will have to be decided by some a lot smarter than me. This also has a possible positive effect on free ports , where the owners could take on a lot of ship costs in return for trade .

If the cost is not paid then the ship degrades , hit points decrease , warp speed , jump range and so on . If the ship costs are not paid then the ship eventually breaks down and cannot be boarded until repaired.

One possible issue that could occur would be players who leave for long periods away from eve. Perhaps some sort of cold storage could be implemented , 30days notice for adding and removing from storage perhaps , unsure on that one. The costs for subs should be fairly low , t2 ships and t3s will have higher costs than t1 of course . Another possible option is if you have a faction ship and you dock in the same factions station then the costs are reduced for maintaining .

Anyways discuss , find flaws , what ever .

This isn’t a bad idea, I kind of like it, but I think the mechanism is overly complex. The game already has a damage/repair mechanism, this could easily be used. The ship takes damage over time just for existing (not in a way that would effect combat) then you’d have to repair modules to use them (paying ISK) or repair “ship structure” (not armour/hull as those have mods that can repair them) to undock/unteather.

The main problem is how would this effect undocked ships?

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Thank you for punishing everyone in EVE for bad game design by CCP. Much appreciated.


If you pay for ammo , is that a punishment too?

No, because ammunition are consumables, while ships are non-consumables. That’s a big difference.

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I think that’s the point of the suggestion, to make ships consumables.

Edit: most suggestions are about making changes.

If they become as cheap as consumables I don’T have a problem with that.


Not all consumables are cheap , in the same way that not all ships are cheap , but some are

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Has anyone told this to CODE? I’m not sure they would agree. :wink:

Which consumables aren’t cheap? Off the top of my head the most expensive ammo I know is ~1M ISK (Navy Cap Boosters 3200).

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drugs are consumables , not cheap ,

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How do you consume PLEX? They turn into a game service or an even more expensive item. Consumables vanish after use, they don’t turn into something else.

Drugs cost max 40M, that’s cheap compared to BS or capitals.

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40 mil cheap ? it seems you have more isk than me , Don’t think you can complain about ships costs from atop the isk mountain

You use them, and then they are gone… that is what “consume” means.

You also consume BPCs and materials to make more expensive things.

Also in this suggestion the upkeep cost would be the consumable, not the ship itself.

This is a terrible idea because it punishes you for trying to reduce the downtime between fights. Currently you want to have a hangar full of ships assembled and ready to go, so that if you lose a ship you can immediately jump in the next one and get back to fighting. But if you have a hangar of 10+ ships running up maintenance charges that’s throwing away ISK on stuff you aren’t even using. So people will react by cutting their inventories, which means more time wasted buying and moving a new ship before you can get back to the fun part of EVE.


A matter of perspective.

Besides, if you really have less ISK than I do, wouldn’t ship maintenance cost impact you more than me?

@Mothre How is a cost a consumable? :thinking:

It could work so that ships only “break down” when used, not sitting in a hanger, or at a different rate based on use.

The parts that make up the ship break and become consumables. The point is that the consumable cost is the cost of the whole ship, but the cost of the upkeep.

If you have the isk then this wont be a problem , if you cant then yes you will have to make a decision on what are the most important ships to keep on hand and fitted.