We should have a capital ships maintenance system

I’m saying we need ONE, not saying we need THIS one, and I said it’s a example and not a perfect one in the very top of the FKing article, can you just not ignore it?)

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So the only people who should be able to afford caps are the huge, Uber-rich null blocks? All your suggestion does at this point is prevent anyone from competing/challenging them.

You’re closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

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So you’re saying.

“We need an idea, and that idea will solve all the problems, even the ones you can think of right now, it’ll just magically solve them because it’ll be the best idea.”

Is that right?

Yeah thats a good idea too, make the battle not only about EHP and DPS or DPH

that’s called Slippery slope, and I’m not gonna reply you since you are not making any constructive feedback. Feel free to congratulate your victory over an online topic.

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Look kid, your idea ain’t new and it pops up every other month or so. At least some people try to put more thought into it other than “there should be something”.

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caps being called caps for a reason, if you have a feet and have a couple caps it may sounds reasonable, but if you have feet only with caps, how is it still being called caps?

i have an idea
make Cthulhu appear from some wormhole and kill one titan a day
give the owner a super cool “madness titan skin” for the next titan he will buy
cant complain because he will be the coolest kid on the playground


I don’t see how this is on any way relevant to my statement. I’m not sure you understood.

This proposed system doesn’t take caps away from the null blocks. They can take this cost on the chin. No big deal. It only takes caps away from everyone else. If you make it so expensive the null blocks can only field a couple caps, well nobody else has thousands of trillions of ISK, so nobody else has caps.

So the null blocks still field 100 titans. Nobody else can challenge them. They become more entrenched.

This suggestion makes the problem worse.

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Yeah, you and Scoots seem to be in agreement - but I don’t understand your argument. Is it just knee-jerk “all changes only benefit the big blocs”?

Without more specific information from the OP other than his vague “there should be some kind of a system”, the general notion of a Capital Ship Maintenance upkeep cost always ends up being one of two things.

the upkeep cost ends up being prohibitively expensive, in which case, the megablocs are fine. They’re able to just save up tons of ore / components, due to their large playerbase and established infrastructure.

And when they want to invade someone, they can pop up 100 Dreads and FAXes and have 'em ready to go. They won’t have any significant upkeep cost since they’re freshly built, and they can yolo them against their targets without worry.

Other groups without the infrastructure find themselves being forced to continually pay for the prohibitively expensive upkeep cost unless they want to risk losing 80% of their ship’s HP (by OP’s example).

the upkeep cost ends up being negligible, in which case, the megablocs are still fine.

Edit: inb4 the OP chimes in and says that his best amazing magical idea will perfectly be able to balance the two because “CCP will just do the numbers then”.


Thank you for the clarification.

Because they are still caps. Capital ships are named caps for what they are, and not the role they play.

The problem you, and every single player comes against is that you cannot create a method of reducing caps that benefit small groups and hinders large groups. Nor is there any barrier that prevents large groups to splinter into small groups to take advantage of said mechanics, effectively being large in anything but name only.

Every loophole is exploitable, and eve is a game where the players revel in it all.

You can shout and scream that something needs to be done, but until there is an actual idea, you’re just being obnoxious and shouting about a concept that has been floating around since the very first player was killed by a titan blob and thought it was unfair.


There simply cannot be an idea/proposal that you wouldn’t have sh/t on.
Like I’ve said to you before scoots, you judge - you propose something instead; if there’s nothing clever for you to suggest, don’t say anything.

This is wrong.

Lmao, that’s not how this works.
Also, by default my proposal is “let’s just keep the status quo”.

I see your face commenting almost every topic and it’s always something negative or judgemental.
Regardless of your game experience, you are NOT doing anything useful by spilling your pointless thoughts and not suggesting anything. I don’t want to sound insulting or rude,but IMHO you’re nothing but a parasite for this game as well as this Forum.

Again, that’s not how this works. I don’t have to suggest anything to show why someone’s idea is bad.
If you’re suggesting a change, you need to show everyone else why it’s better than the status quo.

Let’s take an example, since OP keeps wanting to avoid personal responsibility by just saying it’s an “example”.

You come up to everyone and say, “hey, hot dogs shouldn’t have sausages, instead they should be a piece of crap in the bun.” We don’t have to say, “no, I suggest we replace it with wooden sausage.” We can simply say, “no, replacing the sausage with crap is a bad idea, you shouldn’t be eating crap.”

What you’re doing, is coming to me and saying “well why aren’t you providing any suggestions yourself?”. My suggestion, by default, is “let’s just stick with the sausages.”

Hope that helps you understand.


I’d rather have BOB appear in his glory and smite a random Titan but the basic idea is fun :slight_smile:

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Megablocks are going to be fine because they have the organisational capacity to overcome the costs. This isn’t even an argument. When you quoted my post you couldn’t refute it. The point I was making that you eliminated superfluous ships that would sit around unused or being flipped. Caps aren’t supposed to be disposable. They require fuel and ongoing maintenance to operate. The notion that the server can’t track a simple once-per-24hr check that says the ships hull deprecates by X amount is a joke, This game is suffering the same problem IRL is, too many goods too cheap and disposable. My fan i use for keeping cool during summer cost me $14 its cheaper to replace it than repair it, The same can’t be said for my car. Just because millionaires would replace the car outright doesn’t mean Tom Dick Harold with his 2 naglfars can afford to operate both ships at once as they rust and perish in his hangars for 3 years each.