Capital ships maintenance

The ammount of supers and capitals in eve is vast now. CCP have to reduce it to make eve more playable. My suggestion:
Make supercaps consume 50% of it’s hull cost per month
Capitals - 20%
If player does not provide service to his super, than it will take irreparable damage to some attributes like hull ammount, damage multiplire etc. Also reprocessing a damaged ship will not bring same ammount of resources as a healthy one.
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I go back to game after few months and what? First to do is pay few billions repair bill or wait next few months since alliance will build for me new cap since old one rotted in hangar?

With cyno changes capitals will have enough hard time for now. Before they get idea how to fly again.

Yeah, let’s punish people who legitimately store capitals for staged use over time just because contemporary CCP is not intelligent enough to limit capital proliferation unlike in the past.
You suppose under your scenario, I would have to fly to each of my capital stashes that I had to create over time from moving all over the cluster and undock the capitals that I could not take the with me or left behind for future use just to reset their deterioration timer? Or should my dreads in NPC null that I use for occasional dread bombs deteriorate just because I didn’t have the opportunity to use them in a while? This sounds like a truly amazing gameplay experience. And it fits perfectly with the dumb development approach that CCP currently applies.

terrible idea, no reason to implement it, nor does the OP even suggest why it would fix the problems we have today

No one gives a sht about your meta gaming troll sht ideas…

You need to come up with something MORE drastic than that

Not this ■■■■ again.

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We need more supercapitals. I’m tired of doing CTA using Ferox I want to do CTA on Avatar, I want to carry loot to the Empire on nannonyx. Let’s be glad that we are rapidly going into the era of supercapitals!!!

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Two years ago i allready suggested to turn of local chats and leave cyno only for recon ships and i’m glad it came to tranquility now. Unfortunately this is not enough to heal eve. Supercapital ships - very powerfull tool. And disbalance come when big alliances accumulate a lot of supercaps in their assets and thereafter time starts to work on them against small community. As we know in real life big fleet means big maintenance costs. In EVE we pay nothing for having big ship, so this brought problems that we have. Cyno nerf will lower the ammount of drops on solo pilots, but won’t remove the monopoly of big alliances. Cos in strategic scale expendable recons mean nothing to them.

To what end? Why?.. What does a healed eve look like exactly?

Healed eve look like null sec full of pvp roams. equal fleets fight with battleships as it was in eve. and if you are going to say “why ccp have to satisfy your wims?”, than i tell you that it is not a whim. Battleship wreck in space means more production, which means higher ore, salvage and hauling prices. Nowadays BS is only a CTA ship. This happened because of huge ammount of cheap capital ships and reduced warp speed. People don’t want to roam on BS coz it’s slow and will be dropped by capitals with no doubt.

I just dont see that happening; people play to win when sov and infastructure is at stake… like the X48 (whatever was in Pure Blind) million dollar battle that didn’t happen… would of been HEAVY losses for all involved but with so much at stake; there was just no commitment for a maybe …

I’m pretty sure the idea of maintenance has been floated many times before, but this particular method of implementing it sounds like a rather poor idea.

As someone who only recently started playing, could you explain how they limited capital ship proliferation or direct me to an explanation if you don’t want to do it yourself?

I’ve also got some ideas of my own on how capital and supercapital ships might be limited or controlled, but I’m not sure if they’re good ones and would appreciate feedback on them if anyone else feels like giving constructive criticism.

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