Boosting capitals

It is my belief that capitals need to be boosted and T2 variants added. These are some points towards that goal.


  • introduce X-large smartbombs, faction variant should reach 10.700 meters.
  • introduce supercapital shield and armor reppers for supers/titans
  • increase cap amount and recharge rate of supers and up


  • +2 high slot modules, add high slot capital module granting strong cap recharge for a minute with 15 sec cooldown.
  • undo the explosion velocity of fighters nerf and boost it, boost speed and damage of T2 variants, add +1 support fighter slot


  • add drone bay to moros
  • add bonus to damage to other dreads to compensate
  • reduce timer of siege to 3 minutes with further reduced strontium use


    • 2 high slots
    • 1 fighter slot

T2 variants should be a mothership in the triglavian function, something with huge repping potential that can only be sieged near the sun.
T2 carriers should have 5 fighter slots with 2 of them being support
T2 dreads should have an extra weapon slot

And what makes you think that capitals need to be stronger? You’ve posted what you want to see but there’s no “why.”


first of all great name.

It is so hard for a carrier to kill a 1% cost ceptor that can keep him tackled for a long time

capitals cost too much nowadays to be a risk to the wallet with no real strength

also wanted to add that a smaller ranged DD like in the old days on titans would be a nice boost

It would b nice if they made t2 caps. That would b so cool. I would b happy with haw guns on the trig dread. No chance of any of that tho :confused:

Making them stronger vs other caps and structures I can’t comment on as I don’t have much experience but don’t let them project down well.

Eve is balanced by bigger ships not being able to project down well so:

Is a big no go imo, also while we are at it remove the tackle/support fighter’s why must it be its own tackle when those drones are near unkillable in a small ship in the time period it has.

Tackle should be done in player ship’s so the person being tackled has the opertunity and counter play to peel them off. Drones are way to tanky to peel off.

This should go for Citadels aswell, remove all tackle from citadels let players have risk by fielding tackle on the field.

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If you nerf a cap any more they will b so crap there not even worth having. You tried killing a sabre with a cap. Nearly impossible

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Caps should b powerfull. Then peeps will use them and groups of hunters will hunt them. But as grunt kado did he killed a carrier solo with a t1 battleship. Cap pilot was usless but hey the carrier should have won al day long

Where you around in 2016 when all cap’s where an absolute nightmare and broken as ■■■■? It was really bad for the game, buffing caps is dangerous.

Also if you have a cap then dont fly it solo use sub cap support to kill the saber, a cap can’t just beat everything while afk and making coffee. Otherwise caps is all anyone will ever fly and the game would be boring.

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No i wasnt around then. But i know there pretty ■■■■ now. A marauder has nearly the dps of a haw dread and twice the tracking wee bit of bling and its near the tank too

Yes because maruaders are overbuffed atm.

No no no no lol. There fine haw dreads are nerfed


a single fighter is worth much more than the frigate it is fighting and it can barely damage him if he is fast.

there is a counter to being tackled by support fighters, defang, with anything more than 2 t1 frigates you can easily kill fighters, get the kill mail and leave, and you win the isk war big time if you lose up to 2 out of 3.

Do you have an idea how expensive a cap is and how weak versus much cheaper subcap

Carriers are also way under powered. I have a carrier and a super. And tbh i rather rat with 3 or 4 ishtars. Because the caps are 1 sabre from death. My pal just lost 2 carriers in minutes to 40 kikis whith out even killing 2 of them. Thats whats wrong with caps. Frigates and desis rip them apart with out any reply from the cap

Isn’t that however a clear example of how is multiboxing ruining the game?

//note I have no opinion on whether the caps should or shouldn’t be buffed. I am not argumenting against buff, just giving something to thought of.

Why is more ships in space bad?

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