Chaos era going forward

Now that capital mobility has been crippled without 500m recon alts, CCP should buff battleships to have 2.5 au/s base warp speed so they can become relevant again (Also stops hyperspatial ratting carriers from catching up and instablapping)

Also would be nice for command ships to have cynos too. That way, we get a slightly less squishy option for lighting cynos and people can’t complain about the lack of tank. Also makes command ships slightly relevant.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk

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I am very new to understanding the value in capitals but is there a issue with jumping through the standard gates?

Is there enough capitals like battleships in the game or way less?

/ Never mind, I need to walk before I can swim in this space.

The whole appeal of capitals is the massive damage increase, the massive tank increase and the mobility increase from the jump drive over battleships. Jumping through standard gates is stupid if there’s a perfectly good option of jumping to cynos. People are getting mad because they’re afraid to risk a 500m cyno recon and don’t want to train into it, but still want all the benefits of the jump drive.


more because recons and blops are stupidly squishy, AND it take away from ships that ordinarily would have cynos, like HICs, FC ships, etc. it’s not liek all the Ships Of The Line have cynos… also, it makes solo moves of caps much more difficult (think suitcase carriers, etc.)


@Nepsy your killboard shows you stay in high security space.
You can not have experience with cynosural fields in battle conditions.

And alts are some how illegal now?


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Post with your main so we know who you are.
@Mark_Marconi you do not have a killboard.

Oh boo hoo.

Like a kill board has any relevance.


Cap blobs are boring. Caps are stupid and broken. They promote “bigger is better” playstyle which is directly contrary to EVE’s design philosophy which is in place and more or less healthy with subcapitals.

The jump from Battlecruiser to Battleship isn’t huge, either in ship size or DPS/EHP. Battleships might be the biggest and tankiest of the subcaps but there are many reasons and situations to bring a smaller ship vs a Battleship.

The jump from Battleship to Dread leaves a gap so wide a Titan could fly through it.

I have no problem with caps being big and strong, but utilizing their power should open vulnerabilities.


Capitals should provide advanced tactical options for fleet, corporation and alliance warfare.
And do no damage.

carrier and supercarrier literally do 0 damage.

i wish, would make more people work together instead of doing everything their self.

currently im in the middle of killing someone running a 20 man gank fleet by himself


Friends are better than alternative characters.

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imagine if out server population was 25k people logged in and not a very big percentage of alts.

You mean this one of of twenty:

Half the damage was done by facpol.

and? you have to be able to lock fast when they land, also it collects a lot of salt from people that claim shooting them makes no difference.

they resort to either attempting to gank or changing systems or docking up for extended periods of time.

im just hunting bot like aspirants

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Exactly, blops and recons are too squishy so let command ships get cynos too. Then the only thing to complain about would be the cost, but that would just be what you would have to deal with to fly caps

or at least HICs