Chaos era going forward

Hics are a good choice, but they’re quite cheap for their tank. A higher cost associated with flying capitals would mean that less people will drop capitals on everything that moves

i think you fail to understand space-rich.

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If everyone was space-rich, nobody would be complaining about the changes. People are just mad that they have to risk expensive and relatively lightly tanked ships in order to move capitals with no risk because they’re not space-rich. By giving command ships cynos, those people get an option to have a slightly more expensive but tankier ship

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they complain about the changes because it now means instead of a 100k isk frigate they have to drop way more. Before the changes you did the cyno a favor if you popped it so they didnt have to wait 6 mins


Exactly, so now that there’s actually a cost associated with moving capitals safely they’re not happy

instead of a writing off a few hundred thousand, they now have to worry about a ship that will cost a couple of of grinding per cyno they want to light if they are unlucky.

Skill injectors exist

Regardless you two did not mention them.

PS: They fall into the “skill training and stuff” mentioned in my post.


You want chaos? Trig foothold system: Jita

Guess the bar for capitals is higher now, if you don’t like it nobody’s forcing you to fly capitals.

In a word, no.
Battleships are in a good place, if you want a fast warping one use a mach.
Not sure i completely like the new cyno mechanics but as i dont use my caps much anyway i dont particularly care… except my fitted ships will be a bit of a pain to use now BUUUUUT that does open up an opportunity for another ship, a next generation bowhead that can cyno to the blops cyno.

I am however a bit confused why the tech 3 cruisers were not added to the cyno capable line up, they are tanky and can be nullified but a cheap one is [was] still double the price of a recon and you lose sp if you die in it.

I wonder if it would actually be plausible to have the different ships effect jump range for the caps too, so for example a sin (1.5bil++) could let your caps jump that little bit further than the recons (and the t3’s) that would make things a little more worth thinking about but in honesty what we will probably have is redeemers on citadels and everything else will likely just use a blops cyno and then bring in the hard cyno.

It does feel more limiting that engaging and ties in cyno jumps with covert cynos which kind of makes the difference in the two even more meaningless?

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Mark_Marconi never actually logs into the game he is a forum warrior … lol

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with fobs

True, but capitals are pretty much the only thing that got me interested in eve and kept me around for that long. I hate using alts and i will definitly not skill into a force recon to cyno my stuff around.
I don’t know yet how it will work out, but if i can’t find a way around having a force recon alt, it’s time for me to leave the game. I won’t go back to subcaps.

I have to laugh at everyone complaining about this. One of the recon ships has huge bonuses to disruptor range and sensore damps. Use those in conjuction with the cyno and now you have a target unable to lock you at range and is pointed from 50km+ away.

@Nina_Overcore You do not have a capital loss on your killboard.

Glad I bought those Pilgrims before all this happened, I tell y’whut

Ad hominem for the fail.

Exactly, guess why.
I’m still relatively new to capitals (well i have mastery V on nag since 2016), but actively flying them only for a few month and i will 100% not go back to supcaps. It was a long way for me and caps were the ships that got me into the game and kept me around with the goal to become a 100% cap pilot one day.
Now i’m finally close to that and those changes make that playstyle basically impossible, which means me probably leaving the game.

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