Are capitals dead in null?

What do you think about all this changes they’ve done to game mechanics.

Are capitals dead in null?

Nope, never been more alive. It takes so much work to move them around that we can use them with impunity.

If you think it’s difficult to move them, it’s even worse trying to attack them.

Who’d have guessed, right?

Are you for real? Capitals are ratting in null sec left right and center. Capitals guard gates with cynos ready if things go sour. Capitals are being dropped on anything that moves.

Capitals are dead? The only thing that is dead here is your reason.


Is this a joke? A carrier is the most versatile ship in the game. It can do everything a sub cap can when combined with a 2nd account for cyno transport.

The only way that capitals will not be the go to ship in null for the blobs is when CCP eventually nerf their ability to welp sub caps or provide sub caps the ability to alpha them off the field through reps.

It will come eventually, there is a reason IRL that no one builds capital ships other than carriers (and even fleet carriers are obselete) anymore. A single sub or bomber can alpha them to the bottom.

Even the newest support carriers built by the uk are obselete even before completion. Iran and Russia have both demonstrated attacks against them. Russia demonstrated their missiles could hit them from dock to dock and Iran showed it’s swarm drones would sink them if they even get close to their shores.

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Its not the size of ship but how you use it.

Its not the size of ship but how you use it.

My little dinghy is fight!

Your mother told you that to make you feel better.

Not really. China is starting to produce more carriers, with a combined goal of 3 or 4 carriers by 2030 i believe. Their own design, so its probably gonna be crap, but still.

India is trying to get a hold of its own by creating one, and trying to replace the crap carrier they bought off russia.

US is making Gerald Fords. Still in drydock, is it? Becuase of faulty elevators or something, but they just finished the largest carrier in the world.

Japan is converting one of their ships that previously only used helicopters into a carrier for use by the J-35s, which is a first since world war 2.

Thing is, Carriers are, and always have been, useless by itself, and is always the center of a carrier fleet. No one is expecting a carrier to solo the seas. They have a group of heavily armed, trained destroyers and frigates capable of intercepting missiles and subs before they get a bead on the carrier. So a Single sub or bomber, could sink a single carrier, but a single sub or bomber will have a hard time taking on an entire carrier group.

Nope, I only wanted to cheer up people like u.

I take no pleasure or happiness from being right. It is just a fact of every day life for me.

Every day in your life must be really sad then. Cheer up, maybe buy carrier and dock it then, maybe you will like it. :wink:

Yeah, some days its tough being right all the time. I agree with you there.

I already have more than one. Maybe i will get a titan.

Question is, can your citadel handle one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ill just safe log off and never log back in.

BTW you must have very expansive docking bay to dock them all at the same time.

No more bigger than yours or anyone elses.

Yeah yeah buff capitals, they need it, think of the little guy.

This is a gross simplification.

Nations that have fought major oceanic wars across the globe for 400 years don’t put massive capital resources into mistakes demonstrated by YouTube propaganda videos.

Japan learned the hard way that battle at sea is always a decisive battle.

One lucky bomb and you lose.

Theres mitigating strategies even in today’s navies. The CWIS screen. The 5in interception rounds. Kinetic interceptors from DDGs.

I mean the shield of antiballstics the UK/French and US navies employ are insane.

China is the one to watch


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