Capital ships is a joke... Round 2

Here we go again, guys…

Great vid, no doubt, but overall situation is sooo dumb…
I dont even know… cry or laugh.
4 supercarriers, 1 carrier and 2 dread cant kill just 6 BS’s for 40min
Carriers send fighters - BS’s just killing them.
:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:
What it is if not a joke, CCP?
Current capital ships balance is complete garbage.
Caps can be uses only cap-to-cap battle now. Any other way - it’s a harmless dummies. And it’s very very dumb. CCP literally put caps in sterile box while they should be APEX predators, Kings of space.
I expect that new elected CSM place this on top of priority for ASAP changes!!!


Support changes here: Capital ships should be capital - hull/gun size damage penalty multiplier

Maybe they need a subcap support fleet…


Then what a sense of them if they need support fleet?

You’re doing wrong!

Will be 80% of this thread with the balance being “get gud” posts.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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You got me in a box here.

But you act like 80% of Mr Raven’s threads aren’t him asking for caps to be I-win buttons.

No P2W

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Nope, that would create an endgame. Nothing should be invulnerable. And least of all when one can plex a way into these things.


It’s just logical. Titans should be the superior ship. They need a support fleet because numbers will always trump singular power, but they should be a serious threat on their own.

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Following a particular logic. However, there are several lines of reasoning one can follow. The reasoning based on “I should be able to fly these things solo, hence should be able to kill any number of subcaps” is a very bad one, and not based on any valid game design, in EvE or elsewhere.


They’re much more pilot efficient damage dealers if you fit and support them properly. A single fax, dread, carrier used properly can turn the course of a fight between sub-caps. (super)capitals being an “I win” button on their own doesn’t work and crushes sub-capital PVP.

When they require a small unit of subcap support to help them apply damage and tackle for them, they provide a much fairer way of using their strength:

  • providing a variety of size targets on the field rather than just unkillable bricks
  • allowing more opportunity for plays and counterplays between the subcap ships on grid

It’s based on real life man. The bigger stronger things in nature tend to wipe the floor with the smaller and weaker stuff. Look at whales and how many little fish they eat. It could be solved if they just gave them more high slots that allowed them to fit subcap weapons. Makes no sense why a ship the size of a city only has so many guns. Look at the death star. Had plenty of small arms.


Just the opposite. Carriers only operate in fleets.

the Death Star was killed by a single small ship dropping a single charge (episode IV)


The death star is also fake and the fish the whale eats can never come together to overpower it. They could make it balanced by giving them extra slots that allow them to fit smaller guns. This way a lone rifter pilot can’t ruin their day.

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Supers should always need a subcap fleet for protection.
If supers could kill subcaps easily you could stop using subcaps.
The game would be terrible.


yea because of the time and isk investment

Just because something is expensive it shouldnt be overpowered.
In my opinion titans shouldnt be a ship every pilot wants to sit in.
I wouldnt allow them to dock too.
Those ships should be flagships of groups and alliances and not just another ship.


A lone rifter pilot ? good one, cheers.

Do you think it is merely coincidental that the indy changes to supers/titans happened ? Not saying that there wasn’t room for more elegant solutions, but the reason for those changes has something to do with … proliferation perhaps ?

It may be controversial and highly hypothetical, but the game itself probably would have been better off without that class of ships. Turning it back is not possible, those things are like nuclear waste. At least not without giving the pilots something back for the SP training and isk spent, perhaps in the form of another, less game disrupting ship class.

But making them “Kings of Space” or “apex predators” as OP writes … nah. The only thing that would create is more solo players with empty systems around them and zero sensible game play (except for their own wallets and ego).


In RL, without an adequate screen, a submarine can sink a carrier.

The game would have been better off if ccp didn’t nerf things that people invested their money and time into. Time that they will never get back. That’s where they go wrong. All for some supposed balance that can’t even be found in nature. There were some changes that needed to be made but many that did not. It’s those changes that have caused eve to stagnate. Trying to reverse a hierarchy found in nature where bigger is better and curbing power is where ccp went wrong. Also, the proliferation happened despite nerfs that came before it. People adapted and put in a time intensive effort to achieve that. They deserve to have it. Then they nerfed them even further because of the envy of losers who could never put in the same amount of effort and time as those they crab at.


Designing a game so that it reflects real life usually does not result in balanced, fun, and engaging game play. Not sure why so many people cite how things work in real life as justification for their proposed balance changes.

No P2W

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