Capital ships is a joke

Ok CCP, what is this??? Where i should laugh?..

How it even possible that a small group of small ships take down a carrier?
It’s like if you take 10 man with pistols and they shoot a modern tank XXXX times - it blows up.
Sounds like a joke, right? Not matter how much people with pistols you take and how much time they shoot a tank - nothing happens.
But CCP try to tells us that if they shoot enough XXXX times to the tank - it blows up.
And instead - if we drop nuclear bomb on a car - it’s vaporized.
But CCP try to tells us that car dont have enough signature to take any serious damage, maybe just a little scratches.
You serious, CCP???.. :man_facepalming:

I know, i know… Game mechanics, all that stuff… but really, you even realize how stupid it looks???
I dont feel capital ship power here at all.
What a sense to fly an opverpriced ship which cant even defend himself from insects?
It’s not a titan drop, not a dread bomb, not even BS or BC’s. It’s a small pack of hecates…
For the god sake CCP, serious???

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Suggestion here - Capital ships should be capital - hull/gun size damage penalty multiplier

Probably at the beginning, where they didn’t even care that they already had some armor damage when the hecates started the engagement.

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No. What really sounds like a joke:

Imagine not flying your ship properly then demanding CCP change the game for you.


All ships are weak, hull-deficient, propulsion ineffective, weapons systems inoperable, shields defective, nerfed weapons of war.

ok, let’s imagine…
Single properly fitter thanatos against same number of hecates in spherical vacuum.
Could it survive?
I’m sure by 99% - no.

What it means? Exactly what i’m talking about - cap ships cant beat smaller ships which is stupid.


Caps are supposed to be supported in a fleet. Not solo pwn mobiles.


I’m not suggest to turn cap ships into single man army. but they should be able at least protect themselves from such insects.

And for other side - wanna kill cap ship - take a proper ships too.
And now cap ships cant kill anithing but everyone can kill them with easy.


Well, the problem is that some people think that things such as ship cost and skill requirements should have a greater influence over outcomes than player skill. Indeed, I’ve actually seen people straight up say things like, “capitals should be trump cards,” and that, “it should be impossible for caps to lose to anything smaller than a fleet of battlecruisers,” or whatnot. Personally, I think this would make Eve a horrible game. It would mean that outcomes would be determined not by player skill, but by who spent the most time grinding, or who spent the most money on plex. Thanks, but no thanks.


They are able to. Bring proper support fleet and roflstomp the insects. Roam unsupported and the insects get you.


Hecates are proper ships for killing unsupported carriers.


You are correct, it is 100% silly. But Eve is also a game.

If humanity ever manages to have such ships in the real world, they’ll be bristling with point defense and very few small hostile ships would get close. One may get through from time to time, though rarely.

A PDS on caps, like some structures have may be reasonable, but those same caps defended by it should likewise be useless vrs anything smaller than a BS.

Again, Eve is a game, so where is the balance. Right now it is not in favor of Caps.


Ok, let’s turn back to our spherical in vacuum example.

How thanatos can kill those hecates? I cant find any way he could do this.

  1. because it’s diying too quickly
  2. if Heactes have so much DPS that can kill a carrier - fighters have no chance at all.

it could have been better, the pilot who lost the thanny jumped into a nyx afterwards to fight them (with support), all hecates died, as one would expect from a combat support group nearby

props to the attackers, they pulled it off.
p.s. glad it wasn’t sb’s this time, or we would have that discussion again


The Hecates could defang him. The best scenario is to have a good enough tank to survive until cavalry arrives.

The problem is that most ratting carriers focus on DPS and have weak tanks.

So again, having support is king. Using Intel is king. If you got caught with your pants down and ■■■■ fit too bad for you. Being bigger isn’t going to save you ultimately.


This is like the Eve version of that Dudes Posting Their Ls Online twitter account.

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The only joke here is the pilot in the carrier.


The ‘fleet’ paradigm of Eve Online has never made sense. The larger the ship, the more vulnerable?? Somehow???

I agree. As logic would dictate a larger warship should be lethal to even fleet of smaller ships. Granted speed and maneuverability can be an advantage as far as avoiding damage, it should not be the answer to greater firepower.

But alas… This is Eve.


Ever heard of the Marshal? It is a BLOPS that goes for about 10 bil and is way squishier than a carrier.

“I want to throw more money at EVE to win! Why can’t this expensive ship win from less expensive ships?”

Have you considered using more purple?