Capital ships should be capital - hull/gun size damage penalty multiplier

Description here - Capital ships is a joke
And here - Capital ships is a joke... Round 2

To prevent stupid situations like above, CCP should make simple changes

We have four types of hull sizes
Small - S
Medium - M
Large - L
Capital - XL/XXL (since it uses same capital guns i’m let myself not to put it in separate sizes)
So here’s the point:

50% damage reduction for each +1 hull size above yours+1.
25% damge increase for each -1 hull size below yours.

UPD. for better understanding what i mean.
frig size should have 1 damage ratio to crusiers, crusiers 1 to BS, BS 1 to caps
But frigs vs BS should have only 0.5, and against caps only 0.25.
Vice versa - Caps 1.25 to BS, 1.5 to cruisers, 1.75 to frig size. BS 1,25 to cruisers, 1.5 to frig size and Cruisers 1.25 to fig size.

UPD 30/06/2021:
Reduce all fighters singarture radius.
Remove all tube type limitations.
Revoke all fighters damage and application-related changes from this patches:

Notice, that i’m not talking about signature radius, tracking, all that stuff. I’s only about damage.
Because now Capital ships survivability against small gagns is complete dumb and it’s clearly should be changed ASAP.

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No. Simple as that.

Signature and tracking already doing it’s job.

There’s a reason destroyers are used in a fleet, think about it. Stop trying to be so self empowered and self sufficient.

On a side note, EVE single player can be a thing, people love to play alone with their alts…


It literally tells us that pistol>>>nuclear bomb.

Capitals already have massive tank. The issue is that caps are not meant to be out unsupported. Fly the cap properly and your issue is solved.

As for the lol pistol vs tank bs. A tank likely could be taken out by personnel in various ways if it’s not properly supported just like caps in Eve.


That is perfectly logical … if you can get close enough to shoot the person with the nuclear trigger in the head.

Agreed. Francis?

Thread moved by request.

This is not needed and would just be bad for the game simple as that.

You mean, bad for cheap frig size gangs?

It would be bad for all ships.

Frigs and Destroyers use small guns now Cruisers will be much harder to deal with having double the EHP.

Cruisers and Battlecruisers will now get eaten alive by Battleships more than now.

Battleships will suffer even worse vs Capital ships and its not well balanced now as it is.

Oh but Hac’s can be used to counter Capital ships oh wait no -100% damage so Capital ships are now immune to any damage smaller than Battleship weapons a ship that Capitals kill alittle to easy all ready.


Rechek your math.
I never suggets -100% damage.

Thank you for your patience explaining stuff I don’t have patience anymore.

Take a heart. Ofc he’s not gonna listen.


like in real, an aircraft carrier is always support by many small ships… just think about how “small” aircraft can destroy a whole carrier with one torpedo… big is not = save…

IRL carrier cant be beaten with single torpedo.
…unless very “lucky” torpedo maybe… but anyway.

And how you compare hecates to IRL torpedos?

this was to his first thread… where he asked how is it possible that a small gang kill a carrier

But it will take the carrier out of service for a yr for repairs. Something not considered in eve.

the joke is the fit.

I’m confused. Would this mean that a HAW Dread would have double DPS against a Frig/Dessie?

50% damage reduction for each +1 hull size above yours.

That means Hac’s been 2 hull size’s below Capitals and as such deal Zero damage or -100%.

Is this yet another thread in which OP asks for his expensive ship to be able to kill less expensive ships?