EVE Capital ship Improvement and Free to Play module content

Ok Capital ships need a planetary and capital ship components what makes them ‘diferent’ than other ships.
I’ve been thinking about improvement of Capitals at blueprint level.
Capital ship blueprint could be invent[only at 10material effiency] for extra 10% Shield or Armor capacity …important Ship and Faction.
The Invented Blueprint for additional 10% [Shield or Armor] can be BURN during a INSTALATION but only Blueprint the Materials are safe.
Also Blueprint for 10% Shield or Armor going to need more parts like Capital Armor Plates or Shield Emitter.

Blueprint got 60% of burn try , to lower that value player need to instal one in in Azbel or Sotiyo Engineering complex with Standup L-Set Advanced Large Ship Manufacturing Efficiency I ,
that rig lower the value by 10% and lvl II lower by 25%.

I Know that game got Navy or Pirate class ships[Faction] but that ships got diferent value in Traits Tab…
A Capital Class ships , like a Carriers do not got such a variant but i belive it going to change in the future and ‘my’ improvement do not changes a traits tab value only expand a Shields or Armor.[It is important]

At the moment Alpha Player’s cant fly a Capital class ships , but it can be changed by theses Improvement.
Only Omega can fly anykind of UPGREADED CAPITAL SHIP , Alpha going to Have Access to basic types of capitals [without a Titan and Faction one]

That one simply move can change market prices , PLEX VALUE , and ingame active population of Players.

Yeah, h*ll no.

You have too know , that speech is so deep in theory of math and in game mechanics …that broke all concept. Important thing haven’t know do you support or not.

Most people dont seem to bother with the capital ships for some reason. Even tho they are supposed to be the most badass?

I would like to suggest something completely different that is not practical at all compared to other suggestions. But what if capital ships were simply larger battleships. With up to 16 High, Mid and Low slots. And there would be no such thing as capital size modules. Suddenly you had a ship that could effeciently(`?) shield, armor and hull tank. + fitting 16 guns or missile turrets is just badass. That would have been a real capital ship :slight_smile:

because they’re too easy to kill compared to their cost/time to produce when compared to faction cruisers, marauders, etc.

but a super multi-gunned capital ship like what you would see in space RTS games would be pretty cool. basically a mobile dread, but with smaller guns and way more of them

SoaSE capital ships are some of my favorites

Thank you for reply.

Inserting in game a content like ship looks simply , but connect everything like production part , invention it is next topic it needs to be logic…
… To a Reply
-A Titan is super capital ship with guns everywhere.
Im agreeing that Free too Play content should be expanded , like everyplayer with that mind simply got own idea … and think best one :slight_smile:
Look at the Dreadnaught a Navy and Tech II and there is a ‘Time up front’.

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