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I’m a Chinese player, so english is not good, and everything that follows is translated by translation software.So there are some places that you may not understand, but I still want to say what I think.I saw a revamp of the capital ship yesterday. I’m very happy,This means that the capital can be re-active in the universe.But immediately a new idea came up with, and I shared it with my fellow members of the alliance, and they were very happy.Okay, that’s the end of the crap. next up is the specific content of this idea.
That’s the customization of the ship.
First we can build the lowest cost Level.Take Revelation as an example.It costs as little as 1b.But it doesn’t have a 4% damage buff.There is no armored HP of 113,000.Shorter capital jump distances.Fewer CPUs and Pg.In short, everything is the lowest, but there is a minimum value that allows it to become the capital.
You want a little damage buff.Maybe 0.5%.You can use more Capital Turret Hardpoints when building.If you want your capacitors to recharge faster, then you can use more Capital Power Generators when building.If you want more armored HP.You can use more Capital Armor Plates when building.Or other parameters.All performance indicator caps can be based on the current Readingnought as standard.
Or ccp can also start with components.Alters only the performance of components, not the number of components.For example, the worst-performing Capital Armor Plates only offers 2000hp.The best performing Capital Armor Plates can deliver 5000hp.Gets you up to 113000hp.The amount of material used to make a component determines the performance of the component.
In this way, there will be capital ships of various performances.such as.The highest dps is the revelation, while the armored HP is also the lowest.More suitable as Dreadnought
Bomb use.The low price allows everyone to drive their own capital ship.Low-priced super captain also means poor performance.Ability to balance the player’s relationship with the captain and super captain.CCP wants to limit those high-performance super captains. At the same time, players can also drive a super captain with poor performance.Super Captain will be able to re-energize the player and become less scary.And the dreaded super captain remains in keepstar.
You can say to the rookies in the fleet—Hey, you should drive the top-of-the-line Dreadnought like me, not the Dreadnought without pants.I think it’s very interesting to think about.

Even very cheap dreads/carriers with worse HP and fitting will still massively outclass battleships of equivalent cost, and make hot-dropping on roaming gangs even more of an issue.

If I understand correctly, you want to be able to customize the stats of the ship during the build phase so that there is a difference in performance based on how much you spend on the ship?

While we do not have such customization in the build phase (all ships from a blueprint are identical), you can already fully customize your ship using modules and rigs.

That is the point of modules and rigs: to allow you to choose how your ship will function and to give you the option to spend more on more expensive modules for a higher performing ship.

Yes, that’s what I mean.Make relevant changes to the blueprint, and I believe that ccp can do it

I estimate that the construction cost of the Dwreadnought will be as low as 2.5b.So reduce the performance of Dreadnought to get lower costs. The construction cost of 1b I think is possibl

CCP can do it, but why should they?

The existing method to modify ships (using rigs and modules) works well, so I don’t see why CCP should change something that isn’t broken in order to accomplish something that is already possible.

你好!我觉得使用这种capital ship的设计非常好,我认为这种设计很有意思,值得CCP考虑。但是dreadnought 的最终目的还是要攻击建筑物和titan等更大的船,所以这种可以调整的capital ship可能更适合作为tech 2或者 tech 3的船。

Okay, just imagine, you find a lot of super captains and you want to design a trap and use the Dreadnought bomb to get the most kills. You think traditional dreadnoughts are too expensive. Then you’re ready for a cheap dreadnought. It has only the highest dps and the most HP. Minimum battery, lowest chargeback rate, shortest jump distance. You know it’s a suicide mission, so its hangar is also minimal and doesn’t require a larger hangar. Such a dreadnought would be cheaper than a traditional dreadnought, more suitable for the mission, and the lower investment could attract more people.

But you can already modify your dreads for maximum dps at the cost of capacitor, using modules. And save ISK at jump capabilities by bringing just enough fuel to make one jump.

Making ships configurable in the build phase makes it much harder for CCP to properly balance ships and also adds a new technical issue that the database now needs to have hundreds of possible configurations for each basic ship rather than one.

A lot of work would be needed to accomplish exactly the same thing that modules are meant to do and are already doing: modifying ships.

Perhaps because of the translation, I failed to express the correct meaning.
The difference between a custom-built dreadnought and a traditional dreadnought
That is, you don’t need to pay for features you don’t need.
What you need is a hangar that can only hold fuel for one jump.Then you don’t need a hangar as big as the traditional Dauntless.You don’t have to spend more money on it.For example, the cost of a traditional Dreadnought level is 2.5b, while a customized Dreadnought level may only cost 2.4b.If you want to use the dreadnought as bait,Then you don’t need a damage buff,The dreadnought needed less material, perhaps as low as 2.3b. No need to spend money on unwanted dps.

By damage gain I mean the gain of the Dreadnought hull.

like The revelation’s 4% damage buff

I understand what you mean.

But what I am asking is: how is the result of your suggestion different from the way modules already work?

For example, you mention that you want to be able to choose a cheaper dreadnought with less damage. You can already do that by using cheaper T1 guns instead of T2, or by using a T2 weapon damage bonus instead of faction weapon boosts.

Ships can already be modified to your choice of defence, damage and cost. We do that with modules. I do not see a reason to have another mechanism (your suggestion) that has the same purpose.

Any reason you can’t settle for cheaper ship class? You could use 3 battleships instead (that will cost you about 1 bil) if you want to be more conservative with isk being spent on a fleet.

Also there’s another issue and that is not being able to accurately estimate someone’s strength and capabilities. Big part of fleet PvP is judging your opponent’s strength and deciding if it’s worth a fight. Being able to create cheaper ships with a footprint of something much stronger would allow alliances to show much bigger muscles than they realistically have.


While I like the idea/“real world” parallel of being able to finetune/optimize ships in the construction process, it just doesn’t work very well when translated over to a game. We already sort of have this with abyssal modules and dear god do those things create enough problems on their own.

As an example, say you wanted to take out a… IDK, let’s pick a random HAC for this discussion, and say you wanted to take out a gang of Deimos’ with 4 of your best space friends. Your fit has 4 or 5 abyssal modules on it that make it work based on increased performance, decreased fitting, cap, whatever. You give your buddy your fit so he can buy his Deimos, except he can’t because now he’s gotta go digging through abyssal modules for 30 minutes to try and recreate what you’ve done. Now you’re waiting on all 4 of your buddies to build your Deimos again with the variability of abyssal modules. Now apply that to ships, especially in some of the few remaining low quantity, high quality min/maxed alliances. Say ‘X Alliance’ requires a specific nestor for their fits because of it’s high tank and cap recharge, but you can only get 3 of them because no more exist on market that have that particular optimization. It just doesn’t scale to the concept of a game very well, however ‘real life’ it might be, unless you say ‘Okay, here’s the three variants of the megathron you can make, and that’s it.’

A better solution, and I think one a lot more people would be excited to get behind, would be CCP making more ships in the higher end classes since we’ve had the same 1 or 2 per class for years and years now, or introducing new step between classes. At least that’s what I’d be for, even if each new/step ship wasn’t exactly better at any one thing than an existing ship. More toys in the sandbox is usually a better solution for everyone.

Edit: Heck, honestly, you don’t even need to get into the absolute min/maxed groups out there to start running into the issue of an alliance fitting team building their fits around an assumed set of skills and then people running into fitting issues because their specific carrier happened to be rolled low on CPU and they didn’t notice it was an abyssal carrier and not just a cheap carrier they picked up for what they thought was a good price.

My idea is essentially to reduce costs, the same as choosing modules to reduce costs. But customizable captains cost less. I’m also a maker in the game, just on a small scale. So I understand that the process of making ships is quite boring. You just keep clicking on buttons and produce one ship after another with the same performance. And the customizable ship allows the manufacturer to decide for himself the performance of the ship, yes, I want to make the manufacturing process more interesting,

But as a buyer, you can already reduce cost by buying a cheaper type of ship. Plus by keeping all customisation in modules, you are in no way locked into the configuration the industrialist intended, or even your own as you can just swap things in and out. Not to mention replaceability and having less attachment to a particular hull, which is also important.

As for industry being easy, have you looked at battleships or T2? You could also be making doctrine ships if you feel like bare hulls are generic.

But But CCP likes to fook with stuff thats not broken

I agree with op.

Death to all supers!

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