Idea of a new Capital Shield Module: "Passive" Multispectrum Shield Coating

A topic came up in a small chat on Alliance Discord.

Shield Capitals have to rely on their Capacitor, due to their active tank, to stay alive in the field while their counterparts, Armor Capitals, can be fitted as a passive tank and take more damage with or without capacitor need.

Not sure if this was brought up before as a feature module to add, but if it did which I surely believe, sorry to bring it up again.

Nevertheless, why don’t the Shield Capitals have a similar module that covers all resistances much like the armor module does for Armor Capitals? I do understand that there is passive shield regen, so putting this exclusively for Capitals would be a non-issue unlike the sub-caps can take this module to a whole new level of OP. Unless there is a -X% of shield regeneration reduction the more you fit on your ship.

That being said, would gladly like to read the EVE community feedback on this and if possible Dev input too :slight_smile:


I think this would be a fair tradeoff, reduced shield regeneration in return for less capacitor usage (when compared to active shield hardeners). A bit like the Shield Power Relay, but the other way around.

But still, I’m not in favour of changes to either shield or armor that makes them more similar to the other. I like the uniqueness of each defence system and don’t think they should become copies of eachother.

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