Shield Overload Unit

Oï !

It is my second post concerning one of my ideas for new module, the other one being the Shield Nullifier. Apparently, the current me ta highly favour Armor tankers, so this module would have been another strong point for Armor over shields. So know, I’m trying to create a module that could benefit passive shield tanking. Introducing the Shield Overload Unit !

This module would help passive shield tank relying on the regen capabilities of shields. Here would be its properties, with some flavour text :

"Provide an overheat of shield stabilizers, allowing for a faster passive regeneration and preventing sais regeneration to be stopped by incoming damage for a small period of time. Because of the quick burst in energy, the module have to cool down between uses. Cannot support the energy requirement of capital-sized vessels.

The SOU is also equipped with a prototype security chip, developped by Ishukone, that will scan the onboard systems of the ship. If the energy signature of a pirate modified design, the module will turn itself off without any means of returning power to it, except unfitting it. So far, only Guristas signature can be identified."

Basically, this module would improve the passive regeneration of shield during a short periode of time. I think a +100% to recharge rate during 30 seconds could be interesting.
Concerning the last part of the text, the “security chip” could prevent the use of this module on the Guristas Worm, Gila and Rattlesnake that are known for their massive shield tanks using passive regen to tank a lot of PVE encounter. This could also apply to other ship, like TIII cruisers to prevent overpowered passive shields in a cruiser-sized package.

Also, this module could have a cooldown period similar to Micro Jump Drives, or burn out after a single use like the Rorqual PANIC button.

So, what do you think of that ?

Nope, -1.

I have often thought of an active mod that works to simply increase shield regen however an overhaul to all existing shield regen mods would be needed first.

for example you talk about the passive tank of Guristas yet how often do you see that in PvP. The far stronger and already borderline balance wise ships are the Onyx, Nighthawk, chimera and sviple. The onyx for example can get a passive tank of over 5kehp/s and the chimera if you put enough isk into it can get well over 10k

already passive shield tanks can be over heated and burst for a short time just by using the shield hardeners and yes this does make a major difference.

Magic Myrms would be utterly terrifying at that point.

How about something similar but with some sort of charge you have to use?

For example, what if we had some sort of stronger shield booster that doesn’t need cap but cap booster charges and for a limited amount of time you get a stronger than regular shield booster.
I am not that good with names but for now let’s call them ancillary shield boosters.

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shield boosters and shield recharge work very differently

Is that a compliment or an insult? I know exactly how they work.

We do not need this overload shield or armor module. We need an insta-gib titan and sooper dooper explode mod.

ok let’s make some maths, just to remind what are the multipliers on midslot modules that enhance passive shield rep.

one invul T2 gives a boost to ehp regen of +42.8%
when OH, this goes to +56.2% , that is (100-30)/(100-30*1.2)= +9.3% over the cold one.

second T2 invul gives a mult of 35.3% cold, 45.5% OH (7.6% over cold)

third is +20.7% / 25.9%

fourth is +9.3% / 11.3%

shield recharger gives +17.6% and stacks so after 3 invuls one should use rechargers (also they eat less CPU and no cap)

specific shield hardeners give a neat +122% to specific ehp/s

Invulnerability fields do not influence passive shield regeneration in any way. No matter how many maths you apply or not.

Please learn the mechanics before you speaketh.

They DO enhance the passive shield rep, when you consider Ehp/s as I did.

They enhance the ehp/s more than a shield regen mod.

If you don’t understand what is ehp/s,

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