Duel shield or armor damage control

Time we take that tech from the drifters and be able to have it and run on our own ships. This would be a very complex module. When this module is placed on your ship it removes a shield or armor. Allowing you to gain the duel shield or armor effect. Once you lose your shield or armor dual effect you go right to the hull of the ship.

So two bars instead of three, but otherwise no change. Got it, and don’t see why this is needed.

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Not sure about you, but my shield tanked ship has a much better resistance profile than the armor buffer. The change would be a lot bigger than you say.

This however, I agree with. It would create an absolute nightmare to balance, and regardless of how complex a module, it would be a “you basically always fit this” on anything that isn’t sig tanked.


If you aren’t already specialising your tank you are very bad. This just makes an already mandatory practice even more powerful. It’s basically another must-have mod.



You could face other cons why using it you know. Bigger mass or slowing your ship down etc etc… module which only works on smaller ships. TBH it’s only taking your armor hit points and adding them in to shields or other way around.

Yes, we could. But lets be honest here. The work it would take to balance something like this is insane. And what does it truly get you? It’d be like the DCU. You fit one 8 times out of 10. This doesn’t add some interesting new dynamic to the game, it just breaks the balance, adding a “god I really need one of these to remain relevant” module.

So I put this to you.

Why do you want this module? What need does it fill that is unfilled at this time?

Any type of mining ships, do a ship balance on them again and add this module. Why? well why not. It adds a new level of defend to these weak ships.

This will get your idea dismissed to quickly that you will become lightheaded.


soooo a must have for literally every fit ever?

yeah sounds balanced

oh i see is that all.

i mean 3k in armor is the same as 3k in shields on my onyx right?

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