Shield resistances and Armor resistances

It’s a waste of tens of millions of skill points for players to punch into EM shield resistance 5 - where EM armour resistance 4 gives them a general gain.
Why is it that there is no Multispectrum shield amplifier (the passive module) and the gifts that come with higher skill levels? There is with many versions of armor ! There’s even a skill that reduces the penalty of the weight the armour adds to you.

It’s similar skill points, exact concept except physical versus electrical, and I think it’d be a good change. Multispectrum shield Amplifier.

Just my 2 cents,

Shield and armor tanks are asymmetric, and so the answer is „balance“:

Armor tank modules compete with damage modules in low slots. Shield modules compete with range control and EWAR modules in mid slots.

Shields can fit oversized reppers, Armor doesn’t.

Shield ancillaries don’t use cap, Armor ancillaries do but give massive HP.

Shields give HP at start of module cycle time, Armor gives HP at end of module cycle time.

Shield has passive regeneration, armor usually has better resists.

Shields don’t have reactive modules, armor does.

These are just the asymmetries off the top of my head.


Armor or shield, the choice is YOURS to make.

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