New shield modules

We need some different passive and active shield modules to help change things up and allow for more creative fittings. For example, there is an adaptive passive armor module that has 20% resists across the board, but that same module does not exist for shields. Shields only have damage-specific passive modules. An Omni-resist passive module would come in very handy. Also the ability to have a variety of mixed types of damage resist shield modules, both passive and active. For example a passive shield module that is resistant to therm/kin only, or an active module that is resistant to em/therm only.

There are some issues.

Passive Omni Resist— Shields aren’t armor. This lack is intentional, and in fact the Invulnerability fields used to have a passive resist along with their active resist that with skills would make them almost the equal of an EANM. All the active hardeners did this, and it was removed.

I once thought that weapon specific hardeners would be good too, and logical within the fluff… Laser Sheilds (em/therm), Projectile Shields (Kin/Exp), and Hybrid Shields (Kin/Therm). Problem with that is you can then welcome your Missile/Drone Overlords with an honorable mention to returning Minmatar to hands down the best turret system.

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There is a lot of competition for mid slots so I wouldn’t mind a reactive shield hardener - similar to the existing Reactive Armor hardener.


We already have invuls so there would need to be an invul equivalent for armor for balance.

Haven’t you watch all those sci-fi movies ?

The Captain’s first order - all power on shields!

It’s a nature of shields cause those has to be energized first of all. When CCP added passive version of resist fields they brought a cancer. Its strictly shields booster and active resist.

While armor is almost passive since its paltes thick enough to handle damage with additional semi-passive resists to help.

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if a new shield module was to be introduce Id put it in low slots and it would turn your weapons of for 10-20 second invulnerability depending on ship size - drawback cant fire back. so it would be an oh â– â– â– â–  button for you to get reps from logis only one time use tho. Sometimes long enough to save you or for support to get in. after all 5-20 seconds in EVE can make all the difference in PVP

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