Suggestion: Passive Module Reworks

Hello guys,

I want to bring up passive shield modules, and try to get some reworks done to them. When it comes to passive tanking, i think the major downfall at current is the amount of passive modules that is required to make the build actually work. For this reason i want to suggest a rework of the entire passive shield modules system to the following.

Before i get into the changes i want to talk about the philosophy behind the choices first.
As it stands now you need to spend a ridiculous amount of module slots to make these modules worth the time, so a reduction of the amount of modules needed will free up other build options with the concept of passive tanking. At current, there is active reps, with boosting options. The plans in this proposal is to dramatically change the way the passive regeneration works, but also make it work differently then the active tank. The befit of this rework is that it will provide more energy on ships so that the boosting is not needed. This is Ideally a massive game changer for things like Assault ships, and with some modifications, can be altered in ways that will free up capacitor energy for more important things for its specific build type. Thus, its strength will be providing capacitor for energy demanding builds with out sacrificing much tank or slots, and the weakness of this is that it may not provide good pressure related tanking like that which comes from active boosting. The intent here will be to blur the lines. With that being said lets get into it.

Remove all current passive shield, and shield categories.
Add the following category

  • Shield Regenerator (These modules are limited to a maximum of one. They in ways will work like a booster, but not require the actual boosting)

In this category we will have the following Modules

Add to it the following modules

  • Micro Shield Regenerator
  • Small Shield Regenerator
  • Medium Shield Regenerator
  • Large Shield Regenerator
  • Xl Large Shield Regenerator
    In the shield category we will also add
    *Reinforced shielding

The module inside of it will be

Shield Induction Coil. It will work like armor adaptive plates (a single module). It will modulate between providing more shields, and regenerating. If the shields are low, it will reduce shield hp and increase regeneration rates up to 75% bonus regeneration of the module at 0% hp.

The modules will look something like
Regenerates X amount of shields every x seconds.

An example of the value for small regenerator will be:
(pew passive) 65 per every 3 seconds = 21.3 hps
Current rep value 35 per 2 = 17.5 hps
Boosted Value: 48 Per 2 = 24 hps.

Regeneration will be passive, will rep slower then active reps at larger rates, providing weakness to alpha.

In addition to the above modules, we will also add lowers with negating benefits (like most modules in eve) which will increase these rates.

Additional Changes

Shield regenerators now require 10%-13% Reduction in capacitor when equipped. This on top of their boosted amount will no longer be

The drawback with passive shield tanks are I think intentional. You sacrifice damage, fitting slots and energy regen for a capless tank.

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It would be nice to see a rework to the shield passive modules. Adding in an Adaptive Shield Resistance Amplifier would be nice. Would help with passive tanking for omni damage situations. Along with a slight uptick in the current bonus’ applied with other passive modules, since the only time you see passive tanks for shields is fleet fights where it helps to catch reps or sig tanked combat sites.

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I thought about adaptive shield amp also, but im not so sure it should be added. I think it would be more unique and beneficial to passive tanking to ignore the resists in this case, and move to a higher regeneration module.

For example lets say a active tank with resists provides 50k efhp, at 70% resist across the board, but only regenerates at 50hps with a booster amp.

This build would depend on a multi, amps, extenders, and such.

A regeneration module should consists primarily of active healing. So a module like the coils above, which reduces max hp in place of more hp regeration is a unique way to boost a passive tank to competitive levels, while providing an increasing amount of weakness to alpha (by reducing max hp the more shields you have missing).

this will in ways, simulate more shield bleeding (like the type you have when you do not have tactical shield manipulation 5).

More importantly, shield regenerators with base passive regn on a mid slot provides huge buffs to smaller ships like assault, which can open up a way for them to become effective again, especially if you apply buffs on assault for this module type

Those already exist for capships: the flex shield hardener.

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Im finally ready to go on record as saying that not only is this a bad idea but everything you ever post is a bad idea.

You don’t understand the fundamental concept of trade-offs. You want EVERYTHING and you want to give up NOTHING. This the heart and soul of every post you make and it is why your ideas are always unbalanced and why your ideas will never be put into game.

what I am curious is how much sacrifice seem to be fair for passive shield tank.

there are very few ships that can fit the shield passive tank and do okay dps


If we look at active tanks we see a build for active tanks generate boosting over 2 modules. A booster, and an amp. this is typical nature for shield boosting. Moving passive tanking into the realm of two modules will provide an alternative, less capacitor demanding option, at a lower healing rate. This will not be favored by most current active tanks, but it will provide immense benefits to things like interceptors, assault ships, and the like since having a simi-competitive tank build will provide them much needed survivability when they are working on tackling.

The nice thing about a passive shield tank is you can spread it over mid, low and rig slots giving a lot of fitting flexibility. Hulls with a resist bonus can fit a very effective tank while retaining a lot of fitting room for their intended role.

I think a reactive hardener might add some interesting choices but would prefer CCP complete module tiercide. The current shield modules offer lots of fitting options and there are more important places to invest development effort.

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