Reactive Shield Hardener

In light of the recent reduction in resist modules, I am proposing a new module:

Reactive Shield Hardener
Shield resistance module that reacts to incoming shield damage by shifting resistance over time.
Spreads 60% resistance over the four damage types, starting at 15% in each.
Only one of this type of module can be fitted at a time.


This is my second proposal to modules.
My first proposal was closed but a reminder:

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Reactive Shield Hardeners might make shields overall overpowered in light of passive shield regen and zero cap consumption of ASBs (vs AARs) and and ability to use multiple ASBs simultaneously. Reactive Shield Hardeners would be particularly overpowered on capitals.


The Adaptive invuln is generally better than equivalent armour mods anyways.

So important is that the Adaptive invuln be top dog that it in fact got a small buff at the same time it got the ‘20% nerf’.

I’m going to say no. Partly to preserve the difference between shield and armour and partly to prevent shield dominance.


Shields get invulns. Armour gets RAH.
Armour has no equiv to Invuln. Shield to RAH.
This is balanced for active modules.

Shield gets passive regen. Armour gets eanm. This is balanced for passive. Each has a unique powerful thing.


There are Flex shield hardeners for capital ships that use scripts to adjust their resistances rather than reacting automatically to incoming damage like the reactive armor hardeners.

They are restricted to 1 per ship and give significantly reduced bonus compared to the multispectrum (adaptive) unless a script is used. There is no obvious reason why a version can’t be offered for subcaps.


The same is true for scripted armor hardeners being available (and for cap only), so it’s a moot point if it’s available for both shield and armor. On that matter, they most certainly should not be made available to subcapitals.


100% correct


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