Remote Missile Guidance Computer

I propose that there should be a Remote Missile Guidance Computer, with Precision and Range scripts accordingly. The equivalent module exists for Remote Tracking, including faction and storyline variants.

I remember this being mentioned in the discussion thread during the changes to Missile upgrades.

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I would also amend the bonuses to the Oneiros and Scimitar to include Remote Missile bonuses along with the Remote Tracking bonuses.

Having remote Missile Guidance Computers seems like a no-brainer; their absence seems like an oversight from when MGCs and MGEs were added a while back.

I could see adding bonuses for them to the Scimitar, but they seem a bit out of place on the Oneiros given that there are no Gallente missile boats. Maybe the Logi cruisers would have to be reworked to give each one a bonus to one or the other? (i.e. turrets or missiles.)

Either way, +1 to Remote MGCs.

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