Support and Utility! Also Dessies!

I was thinking about those remote assistance modules lately - you know, the Remote Tracking Computer, and the Remote Sensor Booster. They help against tracking disruptors, sensor damps and ECM, by enhancing turret stats and targeting range/resolution. But I noticed that while there were Guidance Disruptors for missiles, there wasn’t a thing to counter it, or anything to screw/assist with drones at all.

So I thought of the Remote Guidance Computer to assist with missiles and launchers, along with the Remote Omnidirectional Link to assist, and the Drone Control Scrambler, to screw with drones and fighters. Sure, you can shoot/ewar/enhance drones as it is, but I was thinking of a dedicated module that would affect ALL of them at once, by targeting the mothership directly, and not hunting each and every one of them individually, in a more dedicated suppression role - you know, countering the Drone Damage Augmentors and Drone Navigation Computers directly, which are modules that affect all drones simultaneously.

Thinking about those as well, I thought of dedicated ships to handle these support roles, and seeing as only the Scimitar and the Oneiros have any bonuses related to such modules - in their case, a bonus to remote tracking computers - and the fact that we’re short on destroyers, I thought of suggesting some dessies to this end, and few other support roles:

Support Dessies!

I was thinking of two T1, easily-accessible platforms and two T2, advanced ships, for more critical roles:

T1: Booster Ships - Ships meant for remote module boosts, specialized by faction.

  • Say, Minmatar and Caldari getting Tracking and Guidance booster bonuses, while Gallente and Amarr getting SEBOs and Drone boosters.

T1: General Platforms - Stable, easy-to-use ships without a bonus to particular offensive systems, but ewar resistances depending on faction and capactitor to support whatever you need to do with them.

  • Say, Amarr gets cap warfare resistance, Gallente gets ECM impedance, Caldari gets Dampener impedance, and Minmatar gets disruptor resistance, while they get a bonus to cap regen if Minmatar and Gallente, and +4% resists to Amarr and Caldari.

T2: Negative boosters - Like a command dessie, but affecting your enemies instead. Could reuse the Command Destroyers skill.

  • This ship could have a limited cloaking capability, so it doesn’t get alpha’d off the field immediately, you know, like a large bomber, but requiring you to get nice and close to the enemy.

T2: Counter-Interdictiors - A ship whose one and only purpose is to assist against interdiction, with a specialized module, like the one used by standard interdictors, but to aid instead. Could reuse the Interdictors skill.

  • This specialized module would be able to be scripted as well - Without scrips, it just provides the target ship with +2 stabilizer, while there would be a script to allow applying this bonus to the user’s own ship, or even a script to provide warp nullification - but not stabs - to the target ship, while scrambling your own ship for the duration of the cycle or something.

What’s your take on it? What do you think? Post away!

EDIT: It occurred to me to give one of them a boost to Defender Missiles and another one a boost to Smarbomb use, idk. You just don’t see these two around. Also, Maybe those General Platforms get a good bonus to fitting space to compensate for the lack of specialization?

matari fan-girl detected. Shame on you. Please never fly logi ships, your mates will thank me later. Maybe take a look on the Oneiros’ traits tab.

Guidance computer came in the same patch.

What is a dessay?

One reason those remote-help modules aren’t used much could be that life form has to be given fit, command and boat. Making press FONE is much complakited and sooper dooper difficult for life forms. Not all of them, but most of them.
However I do know around 20-ish pilots who do fly ships very well. I respect and like all of them. Unfortunately 20 of 30.000 is not that many and they are scattered across New Eden.


No need. My interdictor(s) will make much space violence against other interdictors and they either have to leave of go poof.

Maybe CCP can fix warp core stabilizers first. An 8-point stabbed ship being stopped by a regular 2-point scram is just ludacris. In any case, your fantasy module is already in the game and called gang-mate.
Gang-mate shoots down the ebil life form, holding your buddy down.

Oh hell no to smartbomb use.

A “smart” bomb does not do, what you believe it does and I am very disappointed about that too. The “smart” bomb module users did not become “smart” over night but in fact the modules causes severe brain damage and seizures.

Fitting that defender launcher in the first place is the bonus.

Hah, I had the feeling I was forgetting one. Will add it to the main post, thanks for the tip!

Short term for destroyer.

Examples of possible bonuses.

Didn’t know gang mates could provide warp stabs.

Emits a pulse on a radius around a ship for damage. I know what it does.

lol wut m8

They don’t but they remove the ships that have them or at least they help removing them.

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