Meta 6-14 Missile Guidance Computers

(Muffinmixer) #1

I feel like Missile weapons do not get much love in the Damage Application department.

  • Turrets get Tracking Enhancers and Remote Tracking Enhancers with Meta levels ranging from T1 to Officer.

  • Drones get Omnidirectional Tracking Links from T1 to Officer as well.

  • Missiles get Missile Guidance Computers that go from T1 to T2, and nothing else.

After so many years can missile users finally get a little bit of love and at least get some faction MGCs? Please??

(Chocolate Pickle) #2

I remember the days before Missile Guidance Computers.

God, I’m old.

(Cindy the Sewer) #3

MGCs were a bad idea in the first place increasingly making missiles more and more like turrets in a game that already has 3 turret systems isnt a good idea but…

If they are going to be in the game then missiles should get all the love from these systems so lets get those officer MGC killmails up and running…pronto!

(elitatwo) #4

Just yesterday I was thinking about Caldari Navy guidance enhancers and computers.

A friendly reminder, meta 6 is storyline and not better that what used to be meta 3. I believe you meant meta level 8-17, where meta 8 is faction.

That poor Leviathan with Estamel’s Modified Guidance Computer…

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #5

I remember the days when I was telling people asking for them was asking for a missile nerf.

God I hate being right.

OP is right the higher meta mods are needed we also need remote variants added.

(system) #6

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