Auto targeting missile and module revamp

I’ve recently been playing around with auto-targeting missiles and noticed that there is a section for faction auto-targeting missiles however seemingly no way to obtain them anymore,
CCP should bring them back in
maybe put them in their respective faction warfare LP stores and even add T2 variants someday.
however, id like to see a few mechanical tweaks to them as well.
id love to see the auto-targeter module become like a scripted computer for them that changes their behavior in different ways. for example, running the auto-targeting module with a “range” script makes them target the furthest viable option instead of the closest
or a “threat” script that makes them target the largest sig radius in their range…
gimmicks like these could create an interesting play mechanic with these missiles and I’m sure people could come up with plenty of other cool scripts to manipulate this behavior.

this change would bring purpose back to the module as at the moment it’s simply used for adding X max locked targets because its active function is outperformed by the auto lock back function in the escape menu… as that is not limited by range or capacitor availability…

Edit: additionally some way to stop them from hitting fleet members regardless of aggression would be amazing.


that would be a good idea

I’m a fan of auto-targeting missiles, and use them quite frequently in PVE mission builds, but the changes you suggest to the auto-targeting module would only serve to increase AFK gameplay and/or botting…

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im not really sure how this would improve AFK/botting game play. as youd still need to change to the right script for what’s happening, could you explain a bit further?

at the moment the current function is a little unbalanced as it always targets the closest target. and usually, the things that tackle you come close…
so it clears tackle by default leaving potential bots able to warp out when something goes wrong…

IDK im sure the devs or some other players could come up with better suggestions along this train of thought but id love to see something done with them :slight_smile: feels like they need some love or at least a little tweaking even if its not this :slight_smile:

Working as intended. Auto-targeting missiles fire at the closest threat, which is usually tackle/frigates/drones. Why would it need to fire at the targets farthest away from you? That battleship 100km away isn’t a threat yet. Those two NPC Dramiels pointing you 5 inches off your hull are…

was thinking re-scripting them for the furthest target may allow for using them to counter things like ECM griffins and sensor damp keres at the stupid ranges that stop you from locking anything at all when combined…

as a sensor damp keres can damp you with 3x 42% lock range damps at 120km
and a ECM kitsune or griffin can make you only able to lock him from the same distance.

put both in the same room and you invalidate almost every weapon system :confused:

Yeah, ECM is a PITA, but that’s what drones are for.

Back to auto-targeting missiles, does anyone use them with anything other than Rapid Light Launchers? I personally have never seen the need or use of auto-targeting cruise missiles or torpedoes, or even heavies for that matter…

i use heavy ATM on cyclone fleet issues and Drakes
aswell as cruise ATM on golems :slight_smile:

but id love for others to chime in :slight_smile:

have seen some dudes using ATM lights on jackdaws for highsec anoms

they are super helpful for fighting serpentis rats with all those FKIN damps

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I just use them in Rapid Light launchers for up-close pests. Drones take care of everything else…

heh found the gila pilot!

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Yep, as well as the Prophecy and a few other hulls. Sometimes I go combat anom ratting in an Onyx. Why? Because I can…

Getting back to the AFK/Bot thing, you know that some nullsec Ishtar pilot would figure out a way to exploit a scripted auto-targeting module, guaranteed…

same for the base system as well

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Or better yet, give us T2 auto-targeting missiles. I mean, it’s only been 20 years…


EVE is kept alive by a lot of us multi-boxers. The botters are there, but it’s much harder to script pve combat even with ATMs. If folks are gonna bot that they’re gonna spend more time scripting it than they are making isk. Prolly not worth it.

bot miners

Off topic…

Mining is the most boring sport in the game and yet we need it. I still say CCP should license their own bots. :scream: Just figure out a way they can’t be abused. :roll_eyes:

Like drones? NPCs?

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Since making this ive also found that Auto Targeting Missiles stop doing any damage at all while your “establishing warp” even tho they keep firing and flying to the target
they do absolutely nothing to it once they arrive for the entire duration of aligning
(tested in a 100MN bcruiser with 40s align time lol) 6 cycles with no dmg
stopped warp and they started hitting again (not a range issue)