Auto targeting missile and module revamp

Benji dosnt use Auto targeting missiles.
Benji still wants to see them do damage while “establishing warp”.
Benji likes damage.

That’s actually a very interesting idea, have missiles that can remain on grid even after the player is gone, either by warp of death. It can introduce cool niche strategies like warping Ravens to 150km, launching a volley of Cruise missiles, and then warping off or warping down to the target to hold point/do more damage.

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I thought that was the whole point of them, not to need lock once launched? Never used them but seems CCP missed the mark again?

No, bots that CCP can rent out. They either can’t stop or don’t want to stop botting. Seems like their missing out of a lot of profit like before plex.

If you’re going to make hs gank free, might as well make $$$ from the bots.

Yes, but they still disappear when you warp, die, jump, or take a wormhole. They would have to be made separate entities in order to function as envisioned, kind of like bombs. The challenge then is that if your ship dies, your bomb dies. It would be tricky to implement this without destroying some very old code and possibly wrecking a lot of stuff.

Just how do you think the playerbase would react to CCP selling something that is explicitly banned in their EULA? With widespread support?

No. This is an absolutely horrible idea and I am starting to question whether you yourself are a botter, if you love them so much…

Huh, I didn’t realize that. I only thought they disappeared when you physically entered warp. Maybe I should prioritize that align button even more in the future.

My bad. I thought they worked like that already.

Edit; Not going to argue with any coding problems either. Lucky to still have the game…

stopping doing damage once you enter warp is one thing and wholely understandable.
they should get turned off when your no longer there,
but to stop doing dmg during the aligning portion of “establishing warp” that was a shock…
like 40 second align (made that way on purpose to test if i was seeing what i was seeing…) no DMG even tho firing for 40 seconds is a BIG deal…

id also like to see the short range missile varients get ATM’s aswell
eg rockets HAMS and torps

You mean like PLEX/RMT…buying ISK.

No. They can sell PLEX because they own it. That’s fine.
Botting as against the EULA. It’d be like if a FPS game sold hack clients through its website.

you just round abouted my same point…

They own PLEX so they can sell it, while PLEX/RMT outside of CCPs control is against EULA…
They would own the bots, so they could sell them exactly the same.

Now, I don’t exactly think it is a good idea, but the argument is valid. Not wanting to allow outside botting, while offering very specific and controlled bots would allow them to control the balance and abilities of the bots.

Ok i guess…