Drone next target/targeting priority settings


I would guess that might have been thought of. But if not that would be a great idea. When flying with drones a constant nuisance of them is to keep re-targeting them and plus guns. Even though I understand the implications of the drones being essentially weapons. It still makes it extra annoying when flying a mission to launch light drones for targeting small ships all the while targeting Large ships with your guns/missiles.

Proposal is allow configuration of the priority for drones. Like say I have a flight of light drones and I would like to assign them to frigate extermination. That way they automatically choose frigate sized targets as next target priority all the while allowing player to focus on modules and guns and propulsion of the ship.

That might even be part of the Drone Navigation Computer and only work when module is installed. Similar to Auto Targeting module for high slots.

Thank you very much. And I would really appreciate taking this idea into a consideration. And maybe at least a response of yey or nay.

Drone auto aggro needs removing, not improving.
This is basically botting software in the game.
So somewhere between hell no, and purge it with fire as a response


It’s as much botting as Auto-Targeting Missiles. Or Auto-Targeting module. So don’t be dismissive until research is done.

The proposal is actually better then You think it is. With this way we force drones to attack frigates only per say. And they won’t auto switch to cruisers and stuff. Still making You work for it. But at least making it good.


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Ah… So you aren’t actually interested in opinions only agreement.
Auto targeting missiles have no focus fire, often target objects that can’t be damaged, and probably also need removing as they were meant as an ECM counter.
Auto targeting module does not fire any weapons for you.

What you are suggesting is scriptable behaviour for drones, which is absolutely what a bot does.

Not an opinion of a biased person who’s only response was of a “no no not interested not gonna listen” type.

And once again no. My proposal is actually a limitation on a current system to allow drones to be limited in their auto-targeting. That way it frees a player for other stuff. And then again to change it back to original randomness or other class of ships. Again forcing a player to actually control this particular setting.

And moreover proposal, if you read, can be part of drone computer too. So extra module potential.

But anyhow if your further opinion is of a usual troll kind you are welcome to troll someone else. Thank you for your input.

Nevyns right.

The afk-ability of drones is a huge problem with the game. We certainly don’t need to improve it.

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I agree, in concept, but would support this if drones stopped being an entire weapons platform. A semi-automated support system, so to speak, that wasn’t going to win any fights on its own. That said, there’s zero value in that kind of system and a huge cost to drone-boat platforms that now become deprecated.

OP, your entire justification is “it’s annoying”. Anything which accomplishes what you’re asking for will make drones even more abusable by AFKers.

Solution 1: use a drone boat that doesn’t use guns. No need to split your attention between two weapon systems. (alternatively use a gun boat that doesn’t use drones).

Solution 2: use drones and guns on the same target. No need to split your attention between two weapon systems.

Solution 3: Keep your drones on aggressive and accept that they won’t always attack the exact target you want.

Solution 4: Accept that optimal performance will not be free of effort. This is a game, it’s intended to provide something resembling challenge.

Then why dont you just target those frigates as you would with any other weapon and use “Send drones” hotkey (default “F”)?

agreed and have been saying it for a while. Auto-aggro mechanic makes people lazy as evidenced by this thread.

I guess You are just one of those Pilots who preferred 4 people to drive 1 plane. Additional seat for radio, additional for mechanic. Riaaaaght who needs even a bit of controllable automation when you can do everything on MANUAL!

The micro required by drone boats is one of the only real balancing factors this op weapon system has.

Is there any other reason for this suggestion other than “I’m lazy, please do this for me”? I’m not sure I’m seeing a real need for this kind of change beyond just laziness.

While this statement is technically accurate, it also overlooks several things that make it a moot point:

  1. Auto-targeting missiles have reduced damage compared to comparable T1 missiles, and nowhere near the damage compared to faction missiles. You don’t lose drone DPS when they are choosing their own targets.
  2. You can’t set a targeting priority for auto-targeting missiles. Why should you be able to for drones?
  3. You get full DPS from drones without having to expend a single bit of powergrid or CPU on high slots.
  4. Auto-targeting modules don’t allow for target preferences either, and they also don’t actually activate any weapons, so they’d be a very bad form of 'botting since they still require user input.

In short, Drones are already far more powerful and versatile than auto-targeting missiles (or auto-targeting modules), so using the latter as a justification to add more power and versatility to the former doesn’t make sense.


why play game when you can have computer do it for you.

second, targeting priority system exists for drone.
How you use it? easy, lock target you want drone to attack, then press F to command drone to attack said target.

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That is actually exactly my point!!! See I know we are getting there. Give a module that allows control. Increased power grid need. High powe slot. You know. Like for instance have you seen how crappy drone rigs are? Or shittiest ever drone implants? At any rate that is exactly the Idea. Give me ability to fly battleship and just small drones to get rid of the frigates and not force to target both. Makes a game much more enjoyable. If you all prefer million and one clicks… Sure I won’t hold it against you. But having option to spend more grid/cpu/reduce damage but provide auto targeting control. Like select frigs only. Its still good idea.

No, I think you missed my point entirely.

There is no high slot weapon that allows you to automatically engage a specific set of targets with user-defined parameters. Why should drones be allowed to?

Also, have you ever considered that drone rigs and implants generally appear underpowered compared to rigs and implants for other weapons because drones are so much more powerful and versatile to begin with?

Who was I trying to kid… You are just another guy who won’t listen and will be keeping the usual rhetoric without any kid of factual proof.

Drones are good = yes. But are they really OP and do the most damage? Not really. Maybe in massive fleet fights. But not a single drone boat can compare itself to any kind of weapon in with proper modules and rigs. Why is the best mission blitzer is Mach and artillery Best close range are blasters and so on. Yeah no and no. Drones are good, and yes versatility in carrying them is good. But not any kind of OP as someone made you to believe or any kind of Primary weapon system on themselves.

Let me put it in mission runner terms for you:

Can you warp to a mission, activate your arties on a blitz Mach without actually targeting anything or ordering your arties to destroy anything, and complete the mission?

No. But you can (at least in some instances) with drones. And when you consider the aggro mechanics of nullsec belts and anomalies, this discrepancy is even stronger. The strength of drones isn’t their DPS, it’s that they can apply their DPS with virtually zero effort on the part of the player. They are vastly more useful against NPCs than any player-controlled highslot weapon…and you want to make them even more useful?

No. There’s a reason why CCP nerfed the Gila and is shortly nerfing the Vexor Navy Issue. Drones for PvE are already too powerful. They need to be reigned in, not buffed.

The clear problem with our conversation here is that you are not prepared to open your mind and listen to what other people have to say. All you are prepared to hear is “nerf”. You somehow do not read the premise of my proposal and try to improve on it. You will be instead saying I dont care about anything that says “improve” and “drones” in one topic.

So once again. If your answer is not related to what I actually propose then don’t reply please. Because once again the proposal which I move forward can actually be a limitation too.

E.G. is either limit or give control over the targets. If per say I got light drones, let them target only frigates or drones or anything say smaller than they are. Everything else requires a player intervention. Instead of current fly and shoot and let them loose.

Once again. This can be considered just as a limitation as well as giving players more control over the mechanics of their weapons.

Saying that = good! Nerf everything with drones!! just make them useless cause I don’t want to use them or can’t or can’t be bothered to train skills. Is not a justification for hating the proposal of providing control over something. In my post i’ve never said buff or give more damage. All I am proposing is a control over it.

More control is a buff.
That’s the issue.