Drone going after random targets

Since the drone change my drone have been randomly spitting up (focus fire is set) and going after targets I have not sent them after. I can be waiting for them to kill the current target and half of them will break off and go after some random target.

Anyone else noticed this?

Change to drone aggro hasn’t happened yet -unless there was some other change that I missed.

I would have suggested setting focus fire, but since you already did that, all I can suggest is to file a support ticket, and use “F” to quickly and easily get your drones back on the right target.

Yeah I get this from time to time although the changes to drone aggro haven’t been implemented yet. I have to watch my drones closely. The drone mechanics aren’t that great. They often refuse to come back when I recall them (due to them taking damage and me wanting to save them) and insist on carrying on fighting.

If it’s broken but CCP won’t admit to it, it’s considered a game feature. Bad drone behavior is a known game feature.

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